STP Forex brokers

STP brokers (Straight Through Processing), is the brokers that will pass on the clients' orders directly to their liquidity providers without filtering the orders through a Dealing Desk.

Benefits of the STP Model For Forex Brokers

  •  STP brokers has less expenses through its staff salaries because they has No Dealing Desk (NDD)
  • It is in the Brokers interest for the Client to make profitable trades, because a Client’s losses are not a brokers profit.  (STP broker will always make a profit whenever a client trade through an STP platform.  As STP brokers do not trade against clients orders, they add a small markup to the spread they receive from their LPs when quoting a bid/ask rate.)

Benefits of The STP Model For Forex Traders

  • Because there is No Dealing Desk, the broker is more transparent with the clients Trades as the client is entering trades into a true market instead of an artificial market that may be created by a market maker.
  • Client’s trades obtain better and faster fills because there are many competitive market bids and offers coming via the STP broker’s liquidity provider, which provide for more liquidity within the market.
  • Anonymity. Because there is no Dealing Desk monitoring the transactions of orders coming in from clients. The orders are executed automatically via the market network anonymously.
BrokerTypeSTP available on accountsPlatform execution:Minimum DepositMax leverageMinimal LotSpreadsLowest spreads EURUSD
XM(Xe Markets)(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$55000.01variable>1
Forex4you(Visit)STP+DMA & STPAll accountsInstant & Market execution$15000.0001fixed & variable2 – Mini & Standard
>0.5 – 1 – Pro
HotForex(Visit)ECN & STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$55000.01variable>
0.8 – Micro & Standard
0.6 – Currenex
IronFX(Visit)STP+DMA, STP & MMAll accountsInstant execution$5005000.01variable>
0.8 – Mini
0.7 – Standard
InstaForex(Visit)STPAll accountsInstant execution$110000.01fixed3
eToro(Visit)STPAll accountsInstant execution$504000.01fixed3
Forex Club(Visit)STP & MMActTrader platformInstant execution$250500.01fixed & variable0.6 – ActTrader (variable)
0 – ExpressFX (fixed)
IamFX(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$1004000.01variable>0.1 – 1.5
AAAFx(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$3002000.01variable>
1.5 – Mini & Standard
0.5 – Institutional
FXOptimax(Visit)STP+DMA & STPAll accountsMarket execution$105000.01fixed & variable1.8-2
LiteForex(Visit)STPAll accountsInstant execution$105000.1fixed & variable0 – 3
Valbury Capital(Visit)STPAll accountsMarket executionno1000.25variable>1.5 – 2.0
Abshire-Smith(Visit)STP & MMAll accountsInstant execution$5002000.1fixed & variable>1.4
GKFX(Visit)STP & MMAll accountsInstant & Market execution$14000.1fixed & variable>1.5
ActivTrades(Visit)STP+DMA & MMInterbank accountsMarket execution€ 2504000.01fixed & variable2 – Standard
1.5 – Interbank
AxiTrader(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$2002000.1variable>1.4
GO Markets(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$15000.01variable>1.5
Vantage FX(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsInstant & Market execution$5005000.01variable>0.5 – 2.3
Forex FS(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsInstant & Market execution$5001000.01variable>3
Profiforex(Visit)STPAll accountsInstant & Market execution$15000.01fixed2
UpFX(Visit)STP+DMA & STPAll accountsInstant & Market execution$2505000.01variable>
1.5 – Mini
1.2 – Standard
OctaFX(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$55000.01variable>1.5
Varengold Bank FX(Visit)STPAll accountsInstant & Market execution$2,5002000.1variable>1
Axiory(Visit)STP+DMAAll accountsMarket execution$5003000.01variable>1.9
Traders Trust(Visit)STPSTP accountsInstant execution$1005000.1variable>
1.8 – Mini
0.9 – 1.6 – Standard
PaxForex(Visit)STP + MMAll accountsInstant execution$105000.01variable>
3 – Mini
1 – Standard
AccentForex(Visit)STP & MMMini & PROfit accounts. Micro accounts – from 0.1 lot onlyInstant & Market execution$105000.01fixed & variable>
2 – Micro
0.8 – Standard
Pacific Financial Derivatives(Visit)(PFD-NZ)STP+DMAAll accountsInstant & Market execution$2005000.01variable>
0 – Gold Zero Kiwi Trader
0.4 – 0.8 – other s

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