Average Ratings
CompanyWhitestone Group Ltd
Year since2014
US Clientsno
Min Deposit($)200
ECN Account Min Deposit($)no
ECN Commission($)/rtl(Round Turn Lot)
Offer Fixed Spreadyes
Offer Variable Spreadyes
EURUSD Lowest spreads (pips)3
Account CurrencyUSD, EUR
Max Leverage200
Minimal Lot0.1
Deposit MethodBank wire, Credit card, Debit Card, -CashU
Withdrawal methodBank wire, Credit card, Debit Card, cashU
All EAs Allowedyes
Currency Pairs68+
Gold Spread(100oz)70
Silver Spread(5000oz)6
Other InstrumentsIndices, Futures, Stocks Commodities, Energies
Managed Accountsyes
Swap-free accountsyes
Segregated Accountsno
Interest on Marginno
Bonuses & Rewardsyes
Trading contestsyes
Trading platformMT4,
Platform Execution
Platform Time ZoneGMT-4
Trailing stopsyes
OCO ordersyes
One-click executionyes
Trade with mobilephoneno
Trade in browseryes

Company: Whitestone Group Ltd


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45 Replies to “10Markets”

  1. Rating

    They locked me out of my account , I have reached out to them countless times without any response. When I total my out-of-pocket expenses, bonuses given, and real profits made (which I never saw), my losses sum to about $460,000. For each responsible company, I had Excel spreadsheets that detail every transaction I made. After my losses reached the level I couldn’t continue, I set out to finance recovery efforts by so-called recovery experts. I financed so many I do not have an exact count, but there were at least 4 or 6. All failed to recover my money because all the recovery experts were scammers. Late last year I was in the process of identifying legitimate recovery operations because it was my impression that in 2020 there are more individuals and companies who can be trusted to conduct a legitimate recovery effort Not quite long I met a customer who talked to me about, Binary Options Trader Funds Recovery Expert who helped her in recovering her bitcoins and thereafter I contacted Mr Gary Wilson Immediately I contacted the Recovery Expert and followed the recovery processes… I am glad to tell you that I was able to recover all my money including my bonuses. Expose the scammers as much as you can and look for a way to get back your funds. You can contact Mr Gary Wilson through his email address: (garywilson833@gmail.com) and he will guide you on steps to take and claim your money back from your scam investment company.
    Good luck

  2. Be very wary when considering this company !! They have so many T&C’s including the one that debits your account $50.00 or £50.00 for inactivity. Customer service that only serves the company….. Buyer beware !!!!!!!

  3. Rating

    I am as of today 11/3/2016 with the impossibility of making withdrawals from my account despite having served more than the volume required for the granting of a credit that convinced me to request it without the need for it (promise of better operational), with any other promise made by Michael Burg, but without effect. From 25/08/2016 when I put the ticket tt8527, 14/09/2016 tt9031, 16/09/2016 tt9079 ticket requesting reimbursement of funds, calling for cancellation of the credit and asking for the unjustified account unlocking, respectively, have no solutions to these tickets, or numerous contacts with live chat. My €41.489,14 are blocked and not let me remove them. Mr. Michael Burg I requests that do not perform bad critical but not solves those problems. Said goodbye to my 2 first brokers, Bruno Rome and Magali Gonzalez and since started to request retired of money, with this last, began them problems of lock in skype, and them calls telephone, before daily, disappeared. Already not speak well Spanish, increase without warn whenever there are the leverage (leverage) without warn whenever there are from 1:200 to 1:100, changed the commissions of 5 to 13 € by batch without warn whenever there are and also the swap increased. Not I can advise to anyone that works with 10Markets. If not want to that you pass the same.

  4. Rating

    10markets is a broker that suits a variety of people, including stock trading and options trading. I found 10markets 1 year ago and very glad with their platform and my personal broker. They also have a variety of articles and research tools available. I think 10markets’ strongest feature is there knowledge and professionalism of forex trading.

  5. Rating

    I love most to be honest is the customer service. They respond fast, are very nice, and help you out no matter what.
    Demo account with 100 K , It is greate for new traders.
    Commissions are not bad. The fills are decent, I use their platform and it’s good for placing orders.
    They have no extra fees for pre market or after hours trading which I love!

  6. Rating

    Being 7 years in the Forex trading business i have had much experience with the Forex Brokers. I started my trading with 10Market 2 years back and since then i have made good profits due the the superior trading technology also because of the fact that they have very good trading servers. I use the ECN trading and have withdrawn the highest amount of 31000$ that was paid to me on time. This speaks of the good reputation that they Enjoy.And i very glad with customer service.

  7. Rating

    A great platform for retail trader. I think 10markets is great and have no complaints after 1 year of using it. I don’t trade every day so am not bothered by the commissions or speed that others complain about. It suits my purposes perfectly. Only drawback is sometimes I think they have too many bells and whistles on the platform. Not a god daytrader platform but great for all others

  8. Rating

    This is my favorite charting and execution software platform so far. It has all the features I need and its FREE with my account so it def fits my budget as I learn to trade. the only thing I would improve on is to add more chart types and the ability to plot the entries on the chart, but other than that I think this has all the essentials… hope this review helps!

  9. Rating

    My favorite broker. Withdrawals are also easier. The only negative thing I have to say is that they are expensive, but they nothing is perfect. Definitely a 5 in my rating.

  10. Rating

    I have a lot of experience when it comes forex.10markets is my last and favorite broker. It offers about 15 different routes which usually no matter what you can get filled for your shares. What i DONT like about their software is it is only compatible with computer and not phone app. If you want to run their app on android it’s slow,stuck and disconnect.

  11. Rating

    I like MT4 and commissions are very competitive and you’ll find their customer service excellent and particularly Mary Evans. Whenever there is issue you’ll get response mostly same day or at the most with in 24 hrs. This is honest review and I highly recommend 10Markets.

  12. Rating

    Awesome 10markets I was skepitcal about them, but after been using them for several months the rates are very competitive, after month i made my first profit- 300 $ it was great!!!!! And good customer service, its very important for me. I would recommend 10markets for all traders thank you.

  13. Rating

    I like the tools and execution. Has great platform also. i have a problem with the per share pricing as i only trade smallcaps so its pricey for me. But otherwise no complaints. Very Glad, Professional group.

  14. Rating

    I liked the software it has some good features. Also the exeuctions are top notch. The pricing was a sore point for a lot of months but recently they have come out with some flat trade packages along with some new deals. They do have a couple good promotions going on right now that are pretty solid.
    after 2 years with 10markets I’m very glad and make profit every month!Reccommend!

  15. Rating

    I’ve used 10markets for a number of years and have had a great experience with them.
    They have an easy to use platform with fast execution.
    They are great if you trade mainstream stocks such as NASDAQ listed stocks.

  16. Rating

    I want everyone to know that I have never been so glad with a broker. This is my third broket on the last year. This is what makes them the best: platform has no issues, execution is great, I have the unfair advantage, the data is raw and not filtered.
    5 stars

  17. Rating

    10Markets clearly is best. It is direct access, so the fills are much faster. I use only binary method of trade what you see is what you get.I like it and can work that waay hours!!! .I have very little downtime, the platform is very stable. Of course, as with most platforms, I could think of a few suggestions to make it better, but all in all, I am very satisfied. Customer service is responsive. It is a much smaller operation, so you can get to know some of the reps.
    Definitely worth your attention.

  18. Rating

    I’ve been trading with 10 markets for several years. I very seldom have a problem and if I do I get it resolved within minutes of a call or chat .Customer service is fast, friendly and reliable. They are continually upgrading and adding to the trading software with updates and revisions. Trade executions are lightning fast. The trading platform offers a nice variety of tools and filters. Finding a good trade setup is easy and efficient using filters. 10markets takes good care of their customers. For all of these reasons they’re a successful company.

  19. Rating

    I think these guys are very professional. They have a free signals service and great webinars with Jay Goldman.
    I’ve used several trading platforms in the past but have no issues with 10Markets and MT4 . Thanks 10Markets to the excellent support and consultation.

  20. Rating

    Very good execution (best out there), cheapest rates and professional people,Michael Page is high-end,I’m his fan.
    Great customer service, Mary very helped me with documents and first withdraw.
    Overal, Best broker

  21. Rating

    I joined 10markets in October of 2015. In that time, I have seen a lot of changes, such as new tools and services. I don’t short stocks so I can’t speak for that, but listening to what others say, they do reasonably well with that too. When I first started trading, I was using the website. I knew there had to be more.I took program in education center. A whole new world seemed to open up to me!Sometimes I still open it, they have new videos on website and youtube!I’m realy like it! You won’t regret it!

  22. Rating

    My favorite broker
    I have been with 10markets for the last 1.5 years. I enjoy their service and every time I have had an issue, my issues were quickly resolved. I like their charts and their tools. My only complaint has been their execution price, I don’t always get the best fills, but I get close though. Other than that I am happy with their service and I will continue to be with them.
    Good luck for every one and best recomendation!!!!!!!!!

  23. Rating

    I had an account with other company and used their auto-trading service. I was happy with their commissions and the performance of the investment letter until they made a serious mistake caused by an Auto-trading allocation page malfunction. Since then I been using 10markets and they have done a great job for me. this group has great customer service, something I cannot say about others.

  24. Rating

    I think 10markets is great. They have a very stable platform and provide low commissions to traders. Some traders are frustrated with it because it is hard to put in orders quickly if you are scalping. The platform is great for investors who are patient. There might be issues with customer service but that’s what you get with a deep discount broker. This is not a hand holding place. Unfortunately, they have higher requirements to opening an account and getting permissions to trade certain instruments.

  25. Rating

    I have invested 500 US dollars. In two weeks the deposit became 1504 dollars. More than two weeks I try to withdraw money. Keep these $500. I dispatched all our correspondence and your contract for 14 largest resources on Forex and binary options. Let all know that you are swindlers.

    I will also send this contract and your letters to FSA, CFTC, ASIC, CySEC. I hope your office will be in all black lists of the world soon.

    The fastest to you bankruptcies. Swindlers.

  26. Rating

    Hi, I’m Tim and I’m from Hong Kong. I am a client in 10markets 6 months and I’m a first time trader. My first deposit was 250$ and my money didn’t doubled, but my account manager M.Paige helped me with this. I put 1000$ as my broker told me and that helped me to trade right, with 1000$ I have less risk of losing. Now I get my profit from each transaction. I think – 10markets is very professional broker and I’m very glad..

  27. Rating

    I like their tools and their customer service. Very helpful broker,fast service and platform .I don’t even mess around with the option stuff, but everything else is legit. I would definitely recommend these guys.

  28. Rating

    The customer service was very good and the execution was fast with cheap commissions. The charts and the graphs were just okay. They were not great or terrible, but decent. Because of the cheap commission and the quality customer service, I would recommend 10Markets.

  29. Rating

    Really good support service.Fast answers on e-mail anf livechat. 100 % helpful service. Thanks to the team for the personal advises.

  30. Rating

    I’ve been trading for 1 year with 10markets and 5 years in sum and i’ve never seen a broker as good as 10markets. I feel secure trading with them. I never regret having them as my broker if it was support, lessons or withdrawal…

  31. Rating

    I started to trade with 10Markets about 4 months ago. Their execution is great, spread is normal, and requotes don’t worry. I can’t say anything about withdrawal because I haven’t tried it, but I think it’s gonna be ok.
    Very recommend dear friends!

  32. Rating

    Just want to share my positive experience,
    I trade with 10Markets for almost a year.
    Chose it after a few not really nice tries with other brokers.
    Never had any problems with support and withdrawal.Everything is described clearly about bonuses and trading conditions.

  33. Rating

    Satisfied and still trading through them.Good and fast support, fair spreads and very short margins . The trading platforms are beautiful too. Ilike this company, deposit and withdrawal method .

  34. Rating

    I have been trading with 10Markets for a few months and I have not experienced any problems.Fast deposit and professional education center .
    Im very glad and recommend for every one .

  35. Rating

    I can recommend 10markets for all traders who need top professional trading platforms. I tried MT4 platform with 10markets and I like the spreads for forex they offer.Ilike education center and helpful support!Best recommend

  36. Rating

    10markets has very excellent customer service,for all my questions i get an answer instantly on live chat.My first withdrawal was 10 days and its perfectly!
    Very recommend for all traders.

  37. Rating

    I have been trading with 10markets for quite some time now(1 year).I’m very glad and recommend for my friend and everyone.

  38. Rating

    It’s really a good broker! Very fast execution, no requotes even in extreme market conditions. Withdrawals are usually processed within a 2 days. Withdraws to bank account around 1 week. Great impression with 10markets, I’ve been a client for 1 year now and have 1 account for forex and binary options and I have good and fast contact with my account manager .

  39. Rating

    I determined to trade with 10markets, I didn’t know nothing about the trading i’m new on the area, but step by step I learned a lot! Also, their Customer Services has provided me all the information I have asked for.

  40. Rating

    Professional and trustable broker. Instant deposit,good customer servise and helpful brokers. Recommend to all traders.

  41. Rating

    I made my withdraw on my first month of trading and it was really easy unlike on other companies it will take so long to get money.support is able to assist me and let me know everything. 10markets is a broker that i will recommend to my friends and other brokers.

  42. Rating

    Hello,my name is Oleg,
    I’m from Ukraine, i started to trade with 10Markets 4 months ago, they very professional Group,
    my broker give me tips how to trade, what different between forex and binary …
    High reccomend.