AAFX Trading

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Broker AAFX Trading
Company AAFX Trading Capital
Year since 2014
Headquarters Hong Kong
Regulation SFC(Hong Kong), ASIC, SC(Malaysia)
Model STP
US Clients no
Min Deposit($) 100
ECN Account Min Deposit($) no
ECN Commission($)/rtl(Round Turn Lot)
Offer Fixed Spread yes
Offer Variable Spread yes
EURUSD Lowest spreads (pips) 3 -Mini account; 0.9 -Standard account;
Account Currency USD, EUR, GBP
Max Leverage 2000
Minimal Lot 0.01
Deposit Method Bank wire, Credit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, PerfectMoney, Payza, Fasapay
Withdrawal method Bank wire, Credit Card, -Skrill, -WesternUnion, —MoneyGram
Scalping yes
Hedging yes
All EAs Allowed yes
Currency Pairs 38+
Gold yes
Gold Spread(100oz)
Silver yes
Silver Spread(5000oz)
Oil yes
CFDs yes
Other Instruments Stocks, Indices, Futures, Commodities, Energies, Bonds
MAM/PAMM Accounts no
Managed Accounts yes
Swap-free accounts yes
Segregated Accounts yes
Interest on Margin no
Bonuses & Rewards yes
Trading contests yes
Trading platform VertexFX
Platform Execution Market execution
Platform Time Zone GMT-5 (EST)
Trailing stops no
OCO orders no
One-click execution yes
Trade with mobilephone yes
Trade in browser yes
API yes

Company: AAFX Trading Capital

AAFX Trading4.839285714285714

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16 thoughts on “AAFX Trading

  1. Devi Brivael says:

    I’ve started to trade with AAFX only because of welcome bonus – just wanted to test how long would it take from my side to fulfill its requirements; ) In the end, it took only 3 months, maybe a little bit longer. I withdrew the bonus, and continue trading with the broker even now because the conditions turned out to be very and very well 😉

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  2. Arnold says:

    I’m fine with the trading with Aafx trading. It is perfect for intraday trading and scalping. Correct orders execution. You can open limit entry order or just market orders without being afraid something goes wrong. If you are trading the news, then once in a while you can break the execution on a while. However it can happen with any broker and can be even worse. That is why I’m not going to trade with aafx

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  3. Robert Noyman says:

    I don’t mind trading. With certain reservations though. First and foremost, trading is a pleasure when Mt4 works properly and brokers don’t put sand in your wheels. It’s also good when your deals don’t get discredited with no apparent reason. AAFX trading doesn’t face such problems, which is why I prefer trading there.

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  4. James B says:

    I will tell only about one broker’s advantage and it is segregated accounts. It means that the traders’ assets are stored separately from the company assets. Guys, this is a real indicator of credibility for the broker. But! Some brokers write that they have segregated accounts , except, in reality, they don’t. AAFX for sure has it. I’ve checked. Even if you don’t choose AAFX, pay attention to this stuff in other brokers. It is often overlooked, but I think it is crucial.

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  5. German Gincz says:

    I’m a newbie on Forex, Aafx trading is my first broker. I’m trading already for three months, and everything works out for me so far. Great, that broker gives a bonus for the first deposit, sometimes I’m trading pretty risky, and additional assets help me in such situations.
    I like the trading platform (well as far as I understand Metatrader 4 also used by other brokers).However, I’ve seen on the internet, that some of the traders who work with other brokers experience rapidly evolving prices on 5-10 pips. stop loss or take profit do not activate in this case. I didn’t have anything like that with aafx.
    It’s a pity, that broker doesn’t conduct any training for the newcomers. At this point, I wouldn’t mind having some kind of lessons or master classes from experienced traders. I hope they will make it in. Meanwhile, I’m searching for the information on the internet and learning through trial and error.

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  6. M. Johnson says:

    I can really say that my AAFX broker is reliable. A reliable and trustworthy broker is very important for a company like forex trading. That is why I joined this broker. This broker is not only serving me with their different trading structure such as variable spreads, ECN account, high volume leverage but also there the trading platform is very secure. I know that my investments are saved on their platform.

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  7. Miguel Lloyd says:

    When choosing my AAFX broker I only considered 2 things. These are widespread and lever. Leverage is a very important financial tool that I imagine every trader will consider when trading. I had gone with this broker for the lever 1: 2000. They also provided proper risk management for my company. They have fewer problems with dealing desks and no problems with slippage and re-quotation. I can also apply the robot forex for my trading.

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  8. Ayen says:

    Totally SCAM broker who are just out there to take funds from their clients. They are not regulated that’s why they can just do what they want to do to their clients accounts. They don’t allow you to take your profits or your deposit back at all. They will make sure to crash your account to negative balance so you can not take your money back. What they do is planting fake closed trades of big lost. That’s what they did to me. I send my evidences to them but they just ignore me and didn’t respond at all to my complaints. I hope someone can be able to stop them. I wish they will receive their Karma soon.

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  9. Fely says:

    They are SCAM broker. They lies. They are not regulated to any financial authorities. I know because I am one of their victim. I can not send my complaints to anywhere not even to FSA in St. Grenadines where this broker says they are regulated in their website. Because I got an email report from FSA from St. Grenadines that this AAFX trading broker is not regulated by them. This SCAM broker just took my funds by planting lots of fake trades with big lost in my account when I want to withdraw my money. They do not send any daily confirmations but I saved my statements and when I send my evidences to them, they totally disabled my account and doesn’t reply to my emails. Their live chats started not to work when I started following up my withdrawals. I wish I can be able to recover my deposits.

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  10. Alvin Constant says:

    I recently joined this broker from the start of this year. I actually joined this broker for experimentation. One of my friends suggested me this broker and I joined with them by opening a mini account with just 100$. I think they delivers very good service in term of they are almost new in this market. I am currently trading with their fixed account. In this account I get very advanced facilities like high leverage and lowest spread rate.

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  11. Payet says:

    Since 2010 I have change 3 brokers and one of them is very famous broker which I don’t want to mention as they did a great scam in 2013 which cost my whole account. Since then I am trading with this broker and doing quite good. As new broker they are giving fresh services and enable to gain my trust over them. I am trading here without any execution problem.

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  12. Adalgar says:

    It’s been long time I am trading with the broker. My experience with this broker without any doubt is the best till now. They are the best service provider in the market in my view. Fast execution, usable bonus, low spread, 1:2000 leverage, less slippage, free trade set up, active customer care system etc. which make this broker above than other brokers. So far so good with the broker. And I am judging the broker for their service not my profit ratio which is low by the way.

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  13. Milley Stone says:

    Broker always has an especial impact on every traders trading experience. Luckily I manage to get sign up with this broker. It gives me immense pleasure to work with this broker. This broker has the best transaction system in this market. It executes my withdraw order within 1-2 hours. It also has a great trading platform where trade with super-fast execution. I hardly face any slippage or re-quote problem in their platform.

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  14. Angelina says:

    BEST Brokerage to be with hands down. Lowest spreads, fast withdrawals of large amounts.

    Been with them for 2 months.. fast wire deposits, 1-2 days super fast wire withdrawals international… any amount… instantly processed. Excellent and very helpful customer service / support staff. Spreads are consistently the best I’ve ever seen even during volatility.. Better spreads than Dukascopy, VantageFX, etc etc… can’t beat it. EURUSD avg spread is 0.4 in VIP. It is a pleasure to be with them.

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  15. Indiana says:

    results is all that matters, good trading environment, good response from mt4, execution is good though I would say it can be better. withdrawals are on time or earlier, except one time I had to update some documents which I find reassuring. over all, 2016 is a good year for trading.

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  16. alberto says:

    The company offer some great execution and no slippage also during the news time. I am happy with them and recommend all friends here 🙂

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