AAFX Trading

BrokerAAFX Trading
CompanyAAFX Trading Capital
Year since2014
HeadquartersHong Kong
RegulationSFC(Hong Kong), ASIC, SC(Malaysia)
US Clientsno
Min Deposit($)100
ECN Account Min Deposit($)no
ECN Commission($)/rtl(Round Turn Lot)
Offer Fixed Spreadyes
Offer Variable Spreadyes
EURUSD Lowest spreads (pips)3 -Mini account; 0.9 -Standard account;
Account CurrencyUSD, EUR, GBP
Max Leverage2000
Minimal Lot0.01
Deposit MethodBank wire, Credit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, PerfectMoney, Payza, Fasapay
Withdrawal methodBank wire, Credit Card, -Skrill, -WesternUnion, —MoneyGram
All EAs Allowedyes
Currency Pairs38+
Gold Spread(100oz)
Silver Spread(5000oz)
Other InstrumentsStocks, Indices, Futures, Commodities, Energies, Bonds
MAM/PAMM Accountsno
Managed Accountsyes
Swap-free accountsyes
Segregated Accountsyes
Interest on Marginno
Bonuses & Rewardsyes
Trading contestsyes
Trading platformVertexFX
Platform ExecutionMarket execution
Platform Time ZoneGMT-5 (EST)
Trailing stopsno
OCO ordersno
One-click executionyes
Trade with mobilephoneyes
Trade in browseryes

Company: AAFX Trading Capital

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136 Replies to “AAFX Trading”

  1. Wiebe Heinrich says:

    They even have zero spreads!
    Very cool!!
    Especially if you started with an average capital, it is profitable!

  2. Steffen Bauer says:

    I noticed that the AAFX Trading broker, depending on the type of deposit provides different leverage. And the more status deposit (for example, from $50,000 and higher), the lower the leverage is. For deposits up to $20,000 you will be able to use the maximum leverage up to 1:2,000.
    Well, I’m kind of a beginner, but I think I already figured out that higher leverage with the right approach and a good trading strategy may very well accelerate the process of capital increase. Of course, it’s dangerous to work with overleverage, it’s such a risk – the slightest mistake and you can lose everything. Unless you are a professional trader. But such traders often work with big deposits. I do not understand why they are not allowed to use the maximum opportunities for high deposits.

  3. no matter how long you in trading if you dont know hot to use all this instruments and tools you will lost your money in every broker and every account. i know how to earn even with 1 share

  4. I combine my fulltime job and trading so at the end it gives much profit and teach me how to focusing. I thank myself for being disciplined, because trading CFDs is very risky.
    AAFX Trading help me to trade and make profit.
    I was worried at first and some things did not work out.
    Good thing AAFX Trading has great customer service. It was really helpful!

  5. I traded gold last week, it was a good trend… I made a couple of thousand dollars, it’s good that the aafx platform works well and you can close orders quickly

  6. I often think about the opportunities offered by the Forex market and the stock market. It’s limitless and very cool…. And very scary.
    Of course, we can see an example when a person, a trader, an investor can lose everything if he makes a big mistake.
    That’s what I am afraid of, so I try not to be gambling and follow risk-management.
    Of course, AAFX Trading has good opportunities but some of them are dangerous.
    You know what I’m talking about…
    That’s why it’s important to follow discipline and risk management.

  7. Bernard Wolff says:

    What are the spreads of aafx: floating or fixed?

  8. Aaron White says:

    I can frankly tell you that I personally chose this company only after getting acquainted with all possible AAFX Trading reviews, there were many, I can honestly tell you and they were all so different that for a long time I could not understand what was going on, but in the end I decided that before drawing conclusions, you need to try and see the results.
    As for the two terminals, I was a little confused at first. I have chosen MT5 and I am using the mobile application. It’s convenient enough for you to analyze, trade and keep an eye on the positions. I do not know, at least I did not have any problems, maybe because I am experienced.
    I do not use bonuses for principle, I used to rely solely on my own resources. I trade solely on ECN, so my spreads are variable. I think they are small, well, I can’t say that it bothers me in any way at this stage.

  9. Aafx offers outstanding trading conditions which are pretty hard to meet nowadays.
    I believe that the brightest characteristic feature which the broker obtains is its huge leverage which it offers to the traders.
    Apart from that, aafx doesn’t charge much. The spreads are very low and there are zero commissions. So, you don’t have to share your profits with the broker and keep hard-earned money to yourself.

  10. My pal told me to try this 1:2000 leverage. He told me that it could radically change my approach to trading. I thought he was kidding me. I’m not a man who blindly trusts anybody even friends, so I dag up some info about leverage size and how it could be used and very bad consequences of using it wrong.
    At first, I thought – What a bummer? I could burn my depo for several seconds. My fear was based on my previous experience of working with smaller leverages. I opened a demo account with the broker and tested 1:2000. During the test I kept reading about this leverage and find out that it required less margin. I never cared bout that and thought and margin was intact for all leverages. Yeah, with high leverage I need a smaller amount to open a trade.
    What I learned encouraged me to change the way I traded before. I started to enter the market once the price starts rebounding from the price level. I have to catch this moment on M5. Yeah, it all became riskier but now I can afford bigger lots and greater earnings.

  11. Greezwold says:

    If someones told me 1 year ago that I would trade forex, I probably wouldnt have believed it.
    Now I am successfully trading currency peirs with the broker aafxtrading and I am feel well about it.

  12. Jules Bernard says:

    Can I trade with 1:2000 leverage without any restrictions?

    1. There are some conditions toward trading with 1:2000 leverage. 1:2000 leverage will stay up to $20k account size in the standard account like FIXED AND ECN and after that, it will down to 1:1000 and further drop down to 1:500 after $50k account size.

  13. Xavier Borges says:

    I have been trading with this company for several years now, all orders are executed well and fast, spreads are very good. I have never had any problems with withdrawal, everything is stable and without problems.
    You can choose one of three account types, you can select an account with fixed or variable spreads. Both trading platforms, MT4 and MT5 work stably, there are no delays in order execution. High leverage combined with good regulation has already been mentioned more than once.
    There are various ways to get in touch with the broker, live chat and ordering a callback are available.

  14. Johan Derambure says:

    My acquaintance with this broker started with a story my friend told me about this broker. By the time he told me about the broker, he had been already trading with the company for two years. I’m not a kind of person who trusts user reviews. Instead, I prefer to rely on the experience of people I know personally.
    So, he told that it’s very beneficial to trade with this broker given such advantages as 1:2000 leverage, swap-free and commission-free trading. I agreed with those reasons and was generally intrigued, especially by the possibility to trade with 1:2000 leverage. Previously I heard about this leverage size. It’s not a very common thing in the industry, but I wasn’t afraid to have a try. I tested 1:2000 leverage on a demo account and in a week I shifted to a real account. I can say that my expectations as for trading with this leverage were absolutely met.

  15. Andrew Allen says:

    I made a decision to join this brokerage company because it offers three main advantages. First, it offers 1:2000 leverage. Secondly, it doesn’t charge swaps. Thirdly, it doesn’t charge fees. It all makes trading here very beneficial.

  16. David Dhaliwal says:

    I believe that nowadays there are so many brokers on the market, so it’s pretty impossible for novices to choose which one is better. Nevertheless, traders always should push back from their needs in trading. If you have decided what you need, perhaps you will find a proper broker.
    I decided what I need and started to search for brokers, I picked this one because it amazed me a lot. There are pretty good conditions around there and this broker seemed to me very reliable and responsive, because I applied to customer support

  17. David Covarrubias says:

    I opened an ECN account with this broker. As of now, I can tell that I’m satisfied with what I see. My terminal always has a steady connection with servers. So, I haven’t faced freezes yet. I chose exactly this account because I wanted lower spreads. In this case, they start at 0,6 pips.
    I wonder about 1:2000. Can I use it without any restrictions?

    1. Mariusz Marciniak says:

      If your deposit doesn’t exceed $20,000, you can use this leverage without any restrictions. However, once you exceed that amount, it will be decreased to 1:1000.

    2. Enno Wetzel says:

      Basically, yes.
      There are no restrictions.
      But remember about risk management and use it only when necessary and after making full calculations.

  18. Doker Unterbant says:

    I heard about this broker for a long time, but I never dared to try trading here. And then, a month ago, I finally decided to remedy the situation. I read about the promotion, which was held by the broker. I didn’t take part in the promotion, but I stayed with the company.
    When I studied the terms and conditions more closely, I realized that this is what I really need. Let me explain in more detail.
    AAFX has a minimal deposit. This is good for a start. Because I’m sure, there will still be mistakes at the beginning.
    AAFX also has MT5. It’s a good platform for stock trading. Precisely what I was looking for. And the spreads in the company are tight—all these factors matter.

  19. Thorkild Mikalsen says:

    When I first came to trading, I read many smart articles and paid attention to the regulation in the first place. I thought that the stricter the regulator bans are, the better it’s for me. But when I traded for a couple of months with 1:30 leverage and did not earn anything, I began to realize that something is wrong.
    After such a painful experience, I started looking for a company that would offer greater leverage. Of course, I also paid attention to trading conditions because I prefer to trade on MT5. And I don’t want to switch to MT4.
    So, I found AAFX. Who doesn’t know, there is both MT4 and MT5. There are over 1000 assets available. And the leverage is up to 1:2000. Just what I need! So, I share my find.

    1. Tom Mayer says:

      Can I use their high 1:2000 leverage with any AAFX trading account without any restrictions?

      1. There are no limitations on the amount. It is available for all currency pairs.
        But despite this sweet freedom, I would advise you to act with caution.
        Moreover, do not forget about the demo.

  20. I was attracted by bonuses and the opportunity to choose a large leverage in AAFX. I wanted to grow my deposit fast. But I realized in time that I was doing something wrong. I started to learn. I can`t say the education is very good here. It is more for beginners who knows nothing about trading. For those who already have some experience in trading there is nothing useful. You have to look for the information yourself.
    Now I have opened several accounts and I`m testing various trading strategies. There is nothing wrong with withdrawals. Trading conditions are the same as in many other companies. Can’t say wow.

  21. I’ve been working with AAFX for a while. So far, I like working with a brokerage, I like how reliable it is and how high quality it works. I haven’t had any problems with it and I think that I won’t.
    The only thing I find a little hard to get used to is the leverage of a broker. It seems to me that 2000:1 is a bit too much. But on the other hand, it gives me freedom in trading. Because it’s cool when a broker doesn’t limit you in risks, and only you decide how much you want to risk in one trade or another.
    But to be honest, I’ve never set the highest leverage in my trading. Does anybody have such experience? What was it like – positive or negative?

    1. Martin Arlardos says:

      This is a risky step, it’s true.
      I would advise you to study in detail under what circumstances the leverage of 1:2000 is really justified.
      Personally, I use it strictly with good potential for a sharp drop or rise in price.
      And be sure to try it on a demo for a start, it can be used at any time.

  22. Himesh Anand says:

    Brokerage is unusual one and that’s quite true.. I’ve read some reviews about this brokerage and most traders highlighted some parts:
    1) High leverage. AAFX Trading offers 1:2000 leverage and that’s very high. While most brokers offers 1:500 leverage, AAFX offers x4 times higher and that’s incredible for those, who are looking for high-leveraged trading.
    2) MT4 and MT5 available. To be fair, I’ve tried both platforms and I don’t see any significant difference…
    3) Education. I can’t say that’s the best education, but it was good enough
    So, I can agree that this brokerage has something unusual to offer and that’s great.

  23. Noah Galli says:

    Is it true that a broker has Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 trading platforms? Because usually the broker offers its clients to trade either on one of these trading platforms or on their own. So it is a little hard for me to believe that AAFX has been so generous lol))

    1. Actually, MT5 was added here a while ago.
      But it is now quite popular to provide access to 1-2-3 trading terminals, so that clients can choose the appropriate options.
      And I definitely like it.

  24. Ratan Bhat says:

    I’m a beginner, so I’m not quite comfortable and used to working with a 2000:1 leverage. But AAFX has a free training, a demo account and a convenient trading platform. That’s why I started my trading journey with it. And the leverage can be set up, the main thing isn’t to make some silly mistake anywhere)) In general, I’m satisfied with my trading with AAFX, it is easy and pleasant to work with a it. So far I haven’t faced any serious problems, so I will continue working with AAFX.

  25. Baber Rajagopalan says:

    I’m trading with this brokerage for 3 years and have only positive feedback. Yeah, brokerage is well known for its high leverage, but that’s not only one advantage. Even if you don’t use such a high leverage, you will like AAFX Trading service.

  26. Alex Reid says:

    In general, a broker has more advantages than disadvantages, but you have to be very careful with this.
    1. Very large, extra-large leverage. 2000:1 is a unique point of AAFX Trading, I have never met another broker with similar trading conditions. Big leverage is not only a marketing move, but also a strong advantage.
    2) Fast order execution, no lags or other problems.
    3. Tight spreads, I compare them to other brokers in industry, AAFX has average spreads.
    1. Sometimes you have to wait for the withdrawal long enough.
    2. Weak broker regulation (but it’s compensated by tight spreads and high leverage). That’s reasonbly fair if you understand how much regulations cost.

    1. Benny Maierhofer says:

      Can you tell me, is it true that you can use a bank wire transfer when depositing funds here?

      1. Alex Reid says:

        Yes, it’s true. With AAFX, you can use a bank wire transfer as a deposit method. It’s actually very convenient and saves you money if you deal with above 1K amounts. I used this method myself once and the money arrived in 2 days.

  27. Khang Doan says:

    Trading with this broker becomes an important and convenient process that allows you to earn on a permanent basis. I like the fact that here you can learn and train on a demo. It’s really cool…

  28. AAFX is a good brokerage. It not only offers good trading conditions, but also a quick withdrawal, a comfortable website where you can apply for support and more. So far I’ve not been disappointed and I’m glad about this fact.

  29. Gerard Da Makonas says:

    I was interested in this broker because of his large leverage, and I continued to cooperate because here they are loyal to clients, you can always count on help and without problems to withdraw your money.
    I often used their mobile application on Android, everything was fine. Now I’m switching to Iphone, I was wondering, is everything okay with IOS too??

    1. Hi! I heard that a lot of people choose an AAFX broker because of its big leverage (I’m one of them too) :p
      I’m trading from iPhone myself, and I’m totally fine. There’s never been a single problem. So I don’t think it’s crucial for brokerage you have iPhone or Android to trade with AAFX. A good broker must support both operating systems.

  30. Cornelis de Bruijn says:

    I don’t think there’s a lot to discuss. Yes, brokerage is registered in SVG, some people can call this disadvantage, but SVG registration allows to offer really great trading conditions. Let’s be fair, now regulations is the part of marketing, like ECO label. People want to see this label and companies get it to sell their product or services better. AAFX goes another way with real advantages:

    1. There’s 1:2000 leverage, I don’t think it’s really useful, but mayve somerone really needs it, ahah
    2. Spreads are usually around 1,2 for the most common currency pairs, even lower.
    3. Metatrader and algotrading – some brokers prohibit algorithms, lol
    If you need strong regulation, AAFX isn’t your choice, but I don’t see any practical sense in regulations.

  31. Diego Holguín says:

    I can say that I had to study the market from scratch, I knew nothing.
    And now I can already call myself a trader, and it’s all thanks to the fact that I started studying materials from a broker.

  32. Jarne Mertens says:

    It is convenient to trade here at a time when large companies report on the value of their stocks. There is a great choice, and you can make a promising business plan and make a profit.

    1. aafx has some shortcomings of course, but in general it’s really good 🙂

  33. Kilian Hofmeister says:

    I am very glad that I started trading here, because only here I saw the potential for development and the opportunity to get real knowledge while trading. And it is also very interesting.

    1. Bryan Potter says:

      I don’t think that depends on brokerage, but on your own. AAFX is really good, but I can suggest you don’t think that brokerage can make you good trader, that depends on your efforts.

  34. Gabriel Lemke says:

    Great broker.
    Personally, I’m very glad I started using the brokerage services. I read about it at some forex forum, where the users shared their positive experience in trading. And I thought that I also want to be able to share my POSITIVE experience about working with brokers and trading.
    I liked it at the beginning that for 100 dollars (minimum deposit) you have the opportunity to choose the type of account: with fixed spreads and variable plus spreads. Of course, I don’t yet have a complete picture of the broker, as I have’t yet used their customer support and only once withdrew $50, but with them seemed to have no problems. Everything came quickly enough and without a huge commission for withdrawal.

    1. Dodo Namaga says:

      Yes, quick and easy execution of financial transactions here is a really important nuance that matters a lot.
      I am also satisfied with the fact that this company uses a large number of payment systems for withdrawals, in addition you can use a bank transfer or electronic wallets…

  35. Jaco Mashigo says:

    Who knows what the spreads are here? What values do they start from?

    1. Glaid Ramirez says:

      Variable spreads from 0.5 pips, fixed from 2 pips. So, in general, they’re small…

  36. I liked working with AAFX Trading broker. The minimum deposit was only 100 dollars, which was a pleasant first impression. The site works without any problems and is high-quality. Also, special thanks for the money withdrawal without huge commissions and relatively quickly. Sometimes I’ve read about unpolite managers, but if you don’t act rude with them, they quickly answer and always here to help. I’ll recommend a broker to my friends.

    1. $100 deposit allows you to try trading with small money and then decide whether you want to trade or no. I appreciate such oppportunity to start up trading.

  37. Alex Lewis says:

    The main obstacle between me and trading has always been the choice of a broker, I’ve read many stories about how people chose the wrong broker and eventually lost their money. That’s why I always put off the beginning of my trading path. And yet, in 2017 I decided to start trading. I was chosin’ a broker for a long time, a friend advised me to start up with AAFX Trading, and started here with a demo account. The trading platform is Metatrader 4, it’s possible to use WebTrader, in case you don’t want to install a separate application. There is a set of pre-installed indicators, so you don’t need to configure anything, you can use it right away. It’s also possible to use the mobile application for Apple and Android. Withdrawal and deposit by credit card, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, BItcoin, Fasapay starting 100 EUR or USD, zero fee, instant transfer. Withdrawal sometimes causes problems, for example, if you withdraw a lot and often through Neteller, as a result the payment system may delay your money and you will have to wait. I’ve had it, I asked for support AAFX, but they couldn’t help me. There are quite a lot of assets, there are both currencies and commodities and indices alsp. Spreads on ECN variable account start from 0.5, sometimes it can even be 4 pips, but I’ve seen this 1-2 times only, the rest of the time spreads are at 0.8-1.4.

  38. Jagdish Chopra says:

    I found out about trading almost by accident, I had hard times and started to wonder how I could earn on the Internet. I was immediately interested in the fact that I had the opportunity to immediately earn on the financial markets, and although I understood that in order to do this I would have to study and develop a lot, it did not scare me, but on the contrary. The aafx broker didn’t meet me immediately, before that I had been working for a short time with another company, but there were problems with withdrawal of funds. It’s good that I worked with a small amount of money there. At the aafx, I forgot about it. Here I trade on mt4, here I can analyze the market right in the terminal, I noticed that every week I need less and less time for analysis, and now I spend 50% of my time trading. I think that in six months I will be able to switch to full time trading. And the hard times are gone…

    1. Trading is like riding a bike, firstly it’s hard and challenging – but more you trade, easier it seems. Trading is constant learning, but you’re right that some things you begin do authomaticaly, without thinking. I like that AAFX education is not only for beginners, but also there are lessons for experienced traders. I’m lazy to learn everything at once, but step-by-step I’m learning more and more complicated things.

  39. Daniel M Saner says:

    The broker is worthy. Really. Good spreads, especially on the ECN account, executions are also fast which results in few slippages and requotes. I’m really satisfied for this reason. What I can also point out is that support works fast. You just open the chat in the browser and get the answer any time of the day or night. Very important for forex brokerage in my opinion.

  40. Frankly speaking, trading was a real challenge for me, which I could not complete for a long time and constantly faced a number of typical problems that did not allow me to see the profits, moreover, I constantly lost money and could not get out of the sagging. But you know, sometimes there are situations when everything goes against you, but for some reason you don’t give up. So, with trading there was just such a case, which proved to me that nothing is impossible. I have changed a lot of strategies and brokers to deal with my problems and the difficulties that such companies intentionally create for their clients. Yes, it is true, and it happens often, which is why many people have such a negative attitude to trading. Of course, I will not tell you my final strategy, but I will not keep silent about the broker. I have been trading in AAFX for more than a year and I can say for sure that it was a crucial decision for me, which happened thanks to the recommendation of my friends from the thematic forum. This broker has prospects for development and every year it becomes more popular, the terminal here is just super, so I could definitely avoid some losses if I initially started working here.

    1. Wow, I’m surprised at your review, from a good point of view. Your review is really deep and it feels like it is related to your real experience. It was my first time working with AAFX Trading and I lost everything, so I spent 2 years blaming a broker. Only then I met a professional trader who explained to me that it was my fault as I just made the wrong decision. Now I have returned to trading with AAFX and I can say that the broker really deserves attention. The main thing is to separate your style from the features of a broker.

      1. Really, sometimes we have to blame someone for our failure. I mean, we’re human. It’s hard to admit it’s our fault for what happens. Sometimes it takes a while for us to get over it. You know, I have certain bad moments too, but I can clearly see it’s not the broker’s fault. Because there’s always an optimal match. And I have never seen anything go wrong on the platform, so you just have to accept that there will be difficulties and mistakes and just work on yourself and your capital.

  41. Eliseo Rath says:

    For me, trading has long since ceased to be the usual way to spend time, today I see it as a real way to make good and stable money while having enough time for sports and other hobbies, this is a real freedom that I have been looking for a lot of time. I’ve been working with an aafx broker for a short time, but the benefits are immediately noticeable because the company is really customer focused, not that you put as much money on your account as possible. What is convenient, market analysis can be carried out in the trading terminal, there are indicators and the ability to set levels, which allows you to make accurate forecasts and not to worry about analytics at all. And of course, I would not forget about the statistics, because it allows you to quickly cope with errors and problems, but for profit it is of great importance.

  42. For me, AAFX has become a real helper who has provided me with the opportunity to trade exactly as I see fit. For me, it is the freedom of action that motivates me to develop and become a trader who trades not only for pleasure, but because for me it is a source of income that allows me to implement my other projects. I like the fact that here I can both analyze and buy positions at once, and of course control them if any ambiguous situation occurs in the market. This is my comfort and safety, and what could be more important??

    1. Eetu Oravainen says:

      You’re right, these are really very important nuances that also caught my attention. A very decent company, which is really surprising, given how many dishonest brokers are now and how hard it is to find something good.

  43. In my opinion, choosing a broker is one of the most important tasks when you decide to trade at a more professional level, i.e. for you it becomes not just an entertainment or a way to spend your free time, but also an active way to make money. That’s why I always study in detail the agreement of the broker I liked. The last time I prepared so much was about a year ago, when I “got acquainted” with aafx broker. I studied all the conditions for a long time and estimated what capital to start with, but at the end I managed to make a decision and I started working here. I can safely say that now I work with high quality and I do a lot. In addition, you can withdraw large sums without commission. And this is the biggest advantage.

    1. Finding a good broker is almost impossible, that’s why when you find a quality company, you start to appreciate it to the maximum, I’m glad I was able to find aafx, and I see that I’m not the only one satisfied with this cooperation…

  44. Anthony M Hernandez says:

    For many years I was interested in trading from the theoretical point of view, because I liked reading about the market and talking about how I could make money on it. I often made certain assumptions about what would happen to this or that asset – and usually my forecasts were correct. But I couldn’t decide to start working with money in the real market, it seemed to me that I wouldn’t succeed and all this would end in a huge failure and I would just lose not only money but also interest in this case. And then I saw an article about AAFX broker, which described in detail the format of this broker, the opportunity to learn from a demo, test various strategies and so on. I became very curious and finally took a chance. At first, everything was not so simple. It turned out that in addition to what I can assume the price movement – I do not always understand what kind of mark it will reach. My forecasts were obviously weak and not fully thought out. But I couldn’t stop myself and I began to understand the market in more detail. It took quite a long time, but as a result I became what I am today – a trader with a good account and knowledge of the market. And I have not changed my broker during this time. It was my beginning, and mine are not betrayed.

  45. Can you please tell me if every customer at aafx can use the full range of leverage? Or are there any limitations depending on the account level?

    1. For capitals up to 20 thousand you will have 1:2000 leverage, 1:1000 you will have more than 20 thousand, and 1:500 – if you have 50 thousand, but if you want a VIP account you will have the full range of leverage available. I think it’s elaborate and accurate, so you can try it. You won’t find a bigger range.

  46. Latir Hardiansyah says:

    In fact, choosing a broker is not an easy task, especially given the fact that there are now many companies that do not adhere to all the rules and provide not too acceptable conditions for their clients. But I was lucky enough at one time and I learned about aafx broker, at that time it was not so popular and in demand, so I registered only on the recommendation of my friend, but it really turned out to be very decent and thoughtful, and periodically there are updates in the service, which really make the work more convenient and productive, for example, over the past couple of years, the number of assets has increased significantly, added crypto currencies, etc. I think this company has a great future, and if someone asks me to tell about it, I will, because in my opinion, it is worthy, if not praise, but to be really called a broker.

    1. Can only agree, AAFX is good broker. I’m trading around 3 years, so I think my opinion is fair enough. There are of course some minor problems, but I like that company is always here to help and resolve, I feel that company is taking care about my opinion…

  47. AAFX is beloved and respected by many traders from among my friends, but I was always bypassing that broker for don’t-know-why reason. However, the last year I needed to change my broker and decided to at least try AAFX. I started with demo-acc and was inspired with fast order execution. Of course, demo account cannot be considered as an true way of brokerage testing, but reviews from my friends were only positive, so I took a decision to made a great deposit. I got 35% bonus (and I also get 35% bonus each time I’m making a re-deposit) and started trading. There were some issues I need to be solved and AAFX support bot was a great assistant in that regard. There is one important advantage in AAFX, that is the reason, that I don’t even look for other brokers – low spreads. I’m using fixed acc type (I need it for my intraday strategy), but even with fixed acc spreads are lower than in the major part of other brokerages and that’s really advantageously. Withdrawns are allso fast and take around 24 hours, but if there are any issues with payment method, there may be delays and as I know, brokerage cannot help with such problems, so the only one way is to wait for a long. The bad news are that brokerage doesn’t allow arbitrage EA, that’s sad, however that’s the way to avoid problems, as Expert Advisor arbitrage may cause some slippages.

    1. This company has really good service, and I like that despite the fact that there are already quite a lot of clients with different capitals, they always pay enough attention to everyone and always try to help;

  48. Sem Clare says:

    To tell the truth when I started working with this brokerage, tight spreads was the only feature I was really interested in. I think I was extremely lucky to pick a reliable broker with such a naive criteria 🙂 Fortunately enough, my pick was really lucky. Only much later I realized how important it is to have fast executions and no slippages. I’m glad I learned it all from traders’ forums, not with my own experience and at my expense. I’m also very glad I’ve never had to face the withdrawal problems. My first 6 month weren’t very profitable, but last year I’ve managed to start earning on the market consistently,doubled my capital and have already withdrawn about a half of initial deposit in profits. If you decide to follow my example and choose AAFX, watch out for seasonal offers – they often give great opportunities to get a withdrawable bonus upon first account funding.


  49. Audfinn Johansson says:

    I really like trading and studying the market and I don’t feel sorry for the time I have to spend on it, because in the end it brings me a good income. But it was not easy for me to find a good broker who could also meet my wishes and provide me with normal working conditions. After a long search I got to a broker AAFX, which I immediately liked due to the fact that there is a wide range of leverage, in addition, this is where I met mt4, which also has a handy mobile version. I liked this terminal because here you can use a large number of indicators. And the biggest plus is of course the withdrawal that comes to the card on the same day that you left your application and it is not subject to any fees, this is pure delight. I generally liked that this broker has loyal conditions not only for large, but also for small capitals. This is a great rarity and worthy of respect.

    1. Karol Rupp says:

      I’m sure that there are 2 most important points – to find a broker that can be reliable and to find passion in trading. That’s cool when people like you find both things combined, as I spend a lot of time and money trading and blowing up mioney on a random, with no learning. That was my fault, as I saw trading as a game and don’t strive to learn and become better. After I reached AAFX I changed my mindset and start paying time to learn and find new opportunities. I can’t say that I did all of this only cause of AAFX, but company its educational platform dealt a lot to my professional education.

      1. I also noticed that there is a lot of learning information here and you can work as you feel comfortable with it. Not the last thing that matters is that there are no problems with withdrawal, and there are no commissions and very tight spreads. So it is really possible to work with a small amount of money.

  50. Rahmat Yuniar says:

    AAFX is broker, that I trade for 5 years. I choose that broker cause a number of reasons, first of all cause the broker has good reputation among traders’ community and is trusted by many of my friends. I think that it’s the most important thing – to choose the reliable broker, so you will never be worried about your funds. However. outstanding reputation is not all what I can say about that broker. I already traded with AAFX for 5 years, so I have many things to share with other people. AAFX is good in terrms of order execution, I meet some lags, but they’re so rare and takes only 1-2 seconds, it’s unlikely that they can affect your trading in any way. Other point is the wide variety of assets, most begginers don’t care about that, as when start trading, people often choose some kind of popular assets. However, if you have plans to become a professionals, you should choose broker with a lot of assets, as often unpopular assets may be the most profitable. AAFX provides all assets, that may be needed, so there are any problems in this case. Trading goes with Metatrader 4 platform, I know that some people hate this platform, but it’s convenient and has hugh functionaluty, so I think it’s good option. And last point I want to mention is Expert Advisor. so you can programm any trading algorithm. Yeah, you need to pay some time, but you will get perfect outcome 🙂

    1. Antony Loo says:

      I think that reputation is the most important thing when choosing a broker. Of course, trading platform and fast withdrawals are also important, but reputation reflects all these things. AAFX has good reputation, so that’s the main reason to choose it. I like the fact they use Metatrader 4 platform. Most brokers try to develop their own trading platfrom, but AAFX choose the right way – broker just offers reliable and well-known platform, so there will be no problem for traders that used to trade with other broker and then decided to switch to AAFX. Also, their support bot is quick and gives almost instant answers, that’s also important 🙂

  51. I don’t think aafx can turn out to have anything to do with fraud, because I’ve been trading with the company for some time and have never encountered any unpleasant situations. Withdrawal of funds here is fast and simple, the money can go a couple of days, but come in full. Because they do not have commissions for the withdrawal. I don’t know what to pick on so much, except, in my opinion, that it would be possible to switch to mt5, where the functionality will be more interesting. And it is here that I have achieved more stable results and reached a higher yield, so I definitely want to continue here to develop as a trader in the most comfortable conditions for myself. If there are any problems in the future, I will write.

    1. Gilles Goossens says:

      I’m with AAFX for almost 3 years and also never faced any fraud or even “tries” to scam me. But there’s interesting story about how my friend “faced a fraud”. He made a $1,000 deposit and begin trading. Just keep in mind that he has no expertise in trading and I reminded that fact to him for many times, suggesting to learn first. Still, he was absolutely sure that trading is about logic and he would earn as he has good logical thinking. After a month of such trading he lost all his money (just keep in mind that he isn’t reach and $1,000 is significant money) and then he suggested me to “quit trading with AAFX, as company are scammers and I will also lose my money”. Actually, I was trying to explain him that he lost money cause he don’t know how to trade, but he is still absolutely sure that the only reason he blown up deposit was a broker. I just wonder of such people, as AAFX offers demo and learning materials to gelp people learn first, so all “wannabies” should just use such possibilities, not trade on random and they blame a broker 🙂 YOu can always see when the broker is manipulating charts. I am 100% AAFX doesn’t do that and withdrawals are fine here too.

  52. Akun Zamhuri says:

    AAFX Trading is a quality broker with whom I have been working since their foundation. I can say that over the years I tried to work in other companies in parallel, but always came back here because the broker was growing, the conditions for his work for traders were improving, the number of assets and services that I use today increased significantly. They didn’t have any problems with the withdrawals then and now, except that they have added the amount of resources to which they can send funds. They have a convenient platform, there is everything a trader with experience needs, even his own analytics and description of strategies, you can always read something new. To start working with them, you can replenish the deposit for a small amount. Algotraders will be interested in the fact that they can use robots for trading. The system there is not complicated, but absolutely reliable.

    1. I agree, AAFX is not just a good broker. I see that it works and grows. And it grows not only in terms of audience and number of assets, but also in terms of providing new services, making some offers. For me, this is very important. Because I see that the company is looking for options to improve and meet the needs of traders. This is what is called a client-oriented approach. I think that with such approach to business, the company will have a great future.

  53. You can work with this broker in absolute safety. There are no problems here except those you can create for yourself 🙂 They chose MT4 for trading, which is widely known among experienced traders and now has a lot of fans. There are a lot of assets for all tastes here, so you can try trading stocks, currency pairs, oil, etc. Transactions are executed as soon as you click to buy or sell, there are no delays. Spreads on AAFX are minimal, so you hardly notice them. Another big advantage is the interest-free withdrawal of funds. I don’t even know what I have to be offered in order to change my broker. I plan to bring my friends here, especially since for each new client I can get a certain bonus, which can be freely used in the capital for trading on the market. There are no other commissions, which makes it much easier to use the capital in compliance with money management and other rules.

    1. Yusuf Maryjane says:

      I’ve only been trading with the AAFX for two months now. I was guided in choosing a broker by reviews and saw that almost all positive so. Basically, you have painted everything in detail, just as I felt when I found the AAFX. I would also allocate a minimum 100 bucks deposit, so that anyone can try trading without risking a lot of money. For those who simply don’t have a lot of money, the broker offers leverage of 1:2000. I haven’t tried it, but it’s a good opportunity.

    2. I completely agree, I also liked the affx service. On the one hand, it seems to be nothing special, but on the other hand, I am satisfied with the fact that everything that was promised to be fulfilled and the broker does not start changing the terms of cooperation when you have already funded your account and started working. Of course, the biggest advantage is the lack of commissions for each of your actions, there are small spreads and that’s all, it’s a great solution, especially if we take into account the fact that the company offers a start with small sums of money, which will not be able to immediately bring a large profit.

  54. The good thing about AAFX is that this company has been on the market since 2014. I’m sure this is a good sign of reliability. The min deposit of $100 only was important for me as well as narrow spreads and other favorable trading conditions. I ordered withdrawal 4 times so far and normally the money arrive within 24 hours. If you know how to use 2000X leverage, this can be considered to be another advantage. I don’t 🙂 The only disadvantage that I decided I can live with is the absence of MT5 support. But MT4 is available, so this is not a big problem after all.

    1. I was also fascinated by the fact that this company has been on the market for a long time. And what’s amazing is that aafx has almost no negative feedback, and I think that’s because it provides amazing trading conditions.

  55. All online brokers in my opinion are more or less same if we speak of forex brokers. The difference can be in spreads and commissions, in the variety of assets that you can trade with a broker and the rest is really unimportant. I carefully examined numerous offers and came to a conclusion that among reliable brokerages that has been on the market for over 5 years, AAFX offers the best deal regarding spreads and commissions. The assets list includes forex currency pairs and few dozens of CFDs. This is why I chose this brokerage and I recommend it because their promises were not different from what I really got once opened a live trading account with them.

  56. It took a long while to choose the broker when I decided to start trading forex. I had a few fears in mind. The main one was that the broker would simply steal my money and refuse to withdraw funds. I’ve heard of some of such stories before. I sincerely wanted to choose a fully regulated forex brokerage, for this purpose but ran into a problem. Fully regulated by world-class authorities brokerages were way too expensive in fees to hope for any profits from the market. Secondly, it turned out that regulations in reality do not guarantee that the broker won’t go broke and leave you with no money that you’ve deposited. So I decided I will be looking for a brokerage that would keep my funds on a segregated bank account, work for at least 5 years and have attractive pricing policy (to increase my chances to profit and be competitive on brokerages market to assure new customers flow). This is how I found AAFX. It’s been a month only since I’ve started working with them. I don’t have any profits to withdraw yet to my regret. But for sure I’m absolutely satisfied with orders executions. No requotes, fast and reliable connection.

    1. Yadu Kunda says:

      Hi, everything is fine with the withdrawal, AAFx send me a maximum of 24 hours, and sometimes even faster, so I’m more than satisfied. There is nothing to worry about.

  57. Good to know that AAFX has been working on financial markets since 2014. In my opinion all the scam brokers fail to last that long lol. So basically this was the only parameter along with tight spreads due to which I chose AAFX to be my broker. I didn’t have to regret this decision. For over a year they were my reliable partners. I can’t say that I am that loyal myself. From time to time I do monitor other brokerages to find out whether some of them can offer me better trading conditions, but I fail to find such companies. And I experience some relief to tell the truth at this point, cause I’m kinda used to the good, reliable service that they provide. If I switch to some other brokerage, I’d have to test again all these withdrawal procedures, get ready for unexpected slippages, spikes and requotes. Aghrr, hate to think about it! Anyway, I just came in to say that AAFX is a reliable brokerage with some nice fees. Check them out!

  58. Samsul Hartati says:

    I always thought that bonus programs of forex brokers are just a mere illusion of gifts. Imagine how surprised I was when I got 35% of withdrawable money added to my account. Sure enough this is not that easy to get this bonus. I only managed to complete bonus release requirements because I scalp and do dozens of trades every day. So my overall turnover is very big. I didn’t try to complete the requirements in purpose so this doubled my happiness. I also have to mention that AAFX is an award winning brokerage that has been on the market for many years now, so their reliability was not questioned when I opened an account with them. The other good thing that I like is the option to use variable spreads on ECN accounts. They often go wide at the time of economic news releases and at major sessions openings, but overall this is still better than sticking to fixed spreads in my opinion. Traders use MT4 platform. Algotrading is allowed but you can’t do arbitrage strategies with Expert Advisor. Well, I guess this is it pretty much. Good luck everyone and trade smart!

    1. I don’t think I am capable to fulfill the bonus requirements here. I do only couple trades a week. But I’ve learned that they also have a referral program. I spend a lot of time on different trading forums, so I do have a chance to diversify my income sources a bit this way. After all, it takes only one or two really good references to start making money on their trading fees. The broker seems to be really good, so I feel at ease recommending it to my acquaintances.

      1. Lam Thajudeen says:

        Good point! Many people think that trading should automatically make you rich, so they hesitate to accept other offers to increase the income. Come on, get back to earth guys, trading is hard work. These are not easy money at all. So don’t miss a chance to increase this income once you get it. There is nothing to be ashamed of when participating in referral programs, especially if you are confident in service you are recommending.

  59. I hesitated to write a review on this brokerage because I normally just give recommendations to friends and colleagues in private chats and communities. But today my $594 from bonus referral program were released so I think it’s time to shed some light on AAFX on a public resource. So here we go:
    They have tight spreads and NO COMMISSIONS or hidden charges.
    MT4 platform everyone is familiar with. Its nice its stable, it allows expert advisor trade mode so you are not limited to hand-trading.
    They withdraw funds under $1000 instantly and free of charge. There are dozens of payment methods that you can use.
    They got Best Broker of Asia reward back in 2013! You can imagine for how long they’ve been on the market.
    They accept clients from the United States
    Aaaand, the last but not the least:
    They have an awesome referral program. You can either recommend the brokerage to your friends and get some withdrawable bonuses from each registration. Or you can use Individual Brokerage option and create a referral link. Once someone registers using this link, part of his spreads will go to your individual bonus account. To tell the truth, like 90% of my referral payments come from a single client with a huge turnover at AAFX. So if you know rich people and have some persuasion skills, you can make you living by this referral program only.
    Good luck!

  60. Balaji Solanki says:

    Always had a difficult time making up my mind about the broker. They would either have nice tight spreads or nice leverage. Either low minimum deposit or wide variety of tradable instruments. It happened so that AAFX was the first broker I met that would combine these numerous advantages in one. Apart from spreads which are in fact below market average in width, they also don’t apply other commissions or swaps. I would have assumed its too good to be true, but a friend of mine said he had no issues with the money withdrawal and I don’t have a single reason to doubt his words, even though I did not do any withdrawals myself yet. The other good thing is that trades execution is fast and accurate. I know traders often complain about slippages. They do happen here, but you need to be careful about trading at the time of major economic releases and you’ll be good. Rest of the time slippages are rare and not so big.

    1. Mateo Ebert says:

      Thanks, man. This information on slippages was exactly what I was interested in. And yeah, I know the feeling when you can’t choose between low entry threshold and adequate spreads! Hate this feeling. Like if they ask you whether you want to cut off your left hand or get rid of one of the kidneys. For successful trading you need it all: leverage, tights spreads, enough variety in tradable instruments, etc. Thanks for sharing your experience once again!

  61. Tingstrey says:

    Nowadays you can find lots of reviews about AAFX Trading – this broker has already become quite popular. However, a few years ago when I was just starting to look for a new broker (as my first experience appeared to be quite bad), there was almost no information about AAFX whatsoever. It was just that the review of one trader caught my attention – namely, the fact that AAFX Trading has the most favorable spreads. I decided to check this theory, and surprising enough the spreads really appeared to be very tight. So I started trading actively right away. At present I’m opening lots of orders, and it is important to me that the spreads would be as tight as possible. You know, even the 0,5 pips economy might eventually bring me a good extra income. For the 2 years that I’ve been working with AAFX Trading, the situation hasn’t really changed, so it is still more than beneficial for me.

  62. This summer I had to switch to another broker. My old one was reliable regarding the withdrawal of money and they had ok commissions, but orders execution was driving me crazy every working day. I don’t know what exactly was the matter, but trading with market-type orders was absolutely unbearable. The slippage was often so huge that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I hesitated to switch to another broker, but after all the stress about slippages exhausted me and I decided to try something new. AAFX was chosen based on positive reviews. People said they have a reliable connection with MT4 platform, they have both fixed and variable spreads options to choose from (I‘m yet undecided which one to prefer but currently use fixed spreads account type), bonus program and easy withdrawal.I also like the fact that they offer not only currency pairs but also indices and commodities to trade. Not that I trade them a lot but it’s nice to have such an option. Earlier each time we were speaking with friends about BItcoin price or new SnP records I had to look for data somewhere else. Now it’s all in MT4 with all my levels and forecasts already marked on the chart. Nice!

    1. The story about crazy slippages sounds so familiar! I am myself looking for another broker because of the same reason.Hope what you said about AAFX is true and I can finally trade in peace 🙂

  63. I knew AAFX to be the choice of many colleagues I chat with in our forex-related forums. Finally had an opportunity to test this service as well. What can I say? Decent, very decent brokerage! First I thought that 1:2000 leverage was a mistake and they meant 1:200, but it turned out to be true. To tell the truth I never used it in full, and find 1:1000 to be more than enough, but it’s nice to know you’ve got this option. Just in case a gambler inside takes over common sense, lol. Just kidding. Seriously, I don’t suggest gambling on financial markets. On the other hand, the higher the risk, the higher the potential profit, so you have to decide for yourself. Anyway, AAFX offers one of the best spreads policies on the market, nice platform, proper market data. This is why I chose to keep working with them

  64. I’m trading with AAFX Trading broker already several years. Actually, trading is more like a hobby for me, than a job – I have my main income from my business, and I don’t plan to switch completely to trading.  My interest in trading wakes up times to times, then fades away, but in general this thing is quite fascinating. I still can’t spare some time to dedicate it to learning of this topic seriously, so I’m just trading for pleasure, experimenting with strategies, sometimes I can buy some kind of asset and forget about it for a year. In this term AAFX is very convenient, because you don’t need to pay any additional swaps for the deal to stay opened. Once I already slipped up with one broker – it seemed that spread conditions were ok, but I didn’t specify anything regarding the swaps. And as a result, it turned out to be there not a swap, but commission, moreover it was so big, that it could wipe out my deposit in a few months, lol. So eventually I just left that broker and chose AAFX. And here I’m satisfied with the conditions, so I continue trading and getting back from the breaks.

    1. Dude, why not try and make trading your major income source? 🙂 Business is fine and all that, but imagine what it would be like – earning the same money simply by sitting in front of your laptop, without having to rule the company and all that stuff. I already succeed in that with AAFX. A decent challenge, isn’t it? 😉

  65. AAFX perfectly fits me, because I’m trading actively and making a lot of deal during one trading session. Guys, whom I know and respect, recommended this broker to me in one group about the trading. They told me that this broker is one of the best for scalping. Really, the deals are opening almost instantly, I didn’t notice any delays or slippages, and I’m trading here for a while. Also, spreads are making me happy: It stayed on the website that the spreads are on average 0.6 pip for EURUSD, but I wasn’t thinking that they are really like that! I thought that 0.6 is a minimal value and in fact, they go below 1 pip not that often. But in reality, spreads reach 1 pip only during the good volatility, and in general, they stay lower than 1 pip. So, the broker is really good for scalping, colleagues didn’t lie to me, that is why I want to recommend this broker to other scalpers in my turn.  

    1. I wonder why people recommend this broker for scalping. Looks like they position themselves as swap-free brokerage, which is excellent for long-term trades. Probably there are some pitfalls, cause it all sounds too good to be true. Hope someone can explain where exactly these pitfalls are. Support claims there aren’t any. Btw support is superfast and I like that.

  66. Anry Bertran says:

    Aafx trading will be suitable for work for those, who have already some experience in trading on financial markets. When I was just starting to trade, I had to learn everything by myself, and Aafx doesn’t have proper training, unfortunately. But then I settled in quite fast and this was not a problem at that time.

    However, trading with aafx is convenient, the platform works without any lags, fast. At the first sight, everyone has the same Metatrader, but it would be terrible slowing down at one broker and will work perfectly well at another. Aafx is exactly that broker, where the platforms work well. And the trading conditions here are also ok, maybe nor the most beneficial on the market, but spreads are pretty tight here, and you almost don’t notice them during the trading.

    1. I also joined AAFX being a newbie, and I was confused in the beginning, that there is no training. But I found the way out pretty fast – I started to bother the support with my questions)))Actually, it didn’t last long – I managed how to use platform really fast, and then the strategy and other tricks I was working out by myself sometimes on demo, sometimes by reading stuff on internet, so generally, slowly figured it out)

    2. I understand the newcomers, who want to be trained directly by the broker, but I think, that it’s not the most important. You can find all the training materials on the internet, there is a whole bunch of them there, there are even some decent training-centers with free basic packages available. In any case, you complete the training once and then trading for years, and it’s good if you can find right away the broker (like with AAFX) to trade with for years. And you won`t need to switch one company to another all the time, because no one has perfect conditions and some new nuances are bringing up.

  67. Saithinius says:

    I’m trading with this broker for more than two years, mainly CFD on shares of CFD on shares of stock market. Two moments make me happy: first of all, there are really a lot of shares (not just 10-20 shares like many forex brokers offer), secondly – no commission. I can’t say anything regarding the classic currency pairs trading – I opened the deals just a few times and everything was ok. I haven’t noticed any slippages. So far I withdraw the money only once on my Visa credit card – it was accepted the next day, which is pretty good (I was waiting for 4 days from other brokers, and it can last maximum up to one week).

    1. I recommend trying cryptocurrencies, they are on the upswing now, and AAFX offers profitable enough conditions to trade the bitcoins.

  68. Lew Wozniak says:

    When it comes to forex trader we start looking reviews for every company. I myself been trading with different trading platforms. This broker is Highly recommended to scalpers! AAFX Trading is a company that does allow for scalping and executes trades fairly well. You can open many trades at the same time and the spread will not get that wider like some other brokers in the market. Thus, flawless execution is guranteed at any time – both in the quiet periods and upon news releases. Even Non-Farm Payrolls will present a delay of half-second at most (if anybody is crazy enough to scalp at such a time). Apart from that, the company is quite similar to others.

    1. I trade forex with AAFH more than 6 months, today I have withdrawn money. There was a question about the withdrawal, but support answered me in just a few minutes and we solved my problem.

  69. According to my trading experience AAFX is really cool. The role of the broker remains important it is advisable for the forex trader to find the brokerage that best serves for their specific needs. I have been trading with this broker for quite a while now, coould be around forteen to fifteen months. The benefits the broker provides are really important for any forex trader to have a trouble free trading life.They have a good market execution system, transactions are quick and easy and very good qualty trading tools. The added bonus also helps with the trading process, because with the bonus I was able to trade with bigger lot sizes then I planned to.

    1. I am a trader from the US and I am very happy to say that this broker allows USA users to trade which is not common among other traders, which i am absolutely exciting about. From what I know, in the US, people are picky about forex brokers and because of that a broker has to be super legit to broker in the US. So, if any broker is allowed in the US, they are not a scam. They offer a leverage of 1:2000 which is crasy and there is no commission or swap at all, which is totally enough for me. I’ve been using ECN accounts from them and the spread is gorgoeus. I have successful withdrawal which I am really happy about, I have withdrawn over 3000 USD without any problem and the money gets transfered to my account within an hour or two.

  70. Sante J.S. says:

    AAFX is a young company, but it is growing very actively. You can feel it in everything: newbies are getting pretty extra bonuses, tech support works very fast and effectively, plus they from time to time add some new assets and so on.
    Now I’m trading CFD on shares, as I don’t like active speculative trading that much, I prefer to invest. I’m waiting when AAFX adds PAMM accounts or some other similar service kind of like asset management. I will invest in other traders then. Even I don’t like active trading, yet I like Forex 🙂 So why don’t invest in those, who trades better than me?

    1. I have been trading for like 15 years of my life and 4 of that is from AAFX trading. I joined for ECN account to trade on currencies and added bonus for very pretty. Now I opened a VIP account which has raw spread. Eventhough AAFX trading is young, they are doing a bang up job topping all the other brokers. Customer service could not be any better, once my withdrawal was delayed for 1 hour and as soon as I spoke to them, they helped me sorting it out.

  71. Regular broker, I’m not sure what special to write about it…The main thing is that there are no difficulties with the withdrawals, and the platform performance is good. Different bonuses and other treats are in the second place for me, or maybe even in the 10th place, it wouldn’t really matter if the broker won’t allow withdrawals. For this only reason I was looking for a trustworthy company and so far Aafx didn’t let me down…However I should admit that the spreads are quite beneficial, so even in that term I can’t pick on anything – it is profitable to trade, so you don’t even notice that the broker takes something from you. I received the bonus for the first deposit, honestly speaking I don’t count on it that much, what important for me is that trading brings profit constantly, and the bonus is just a nice compliment.

  72. Kanitron11 says:

    I opened an account with the forex-broker AAFXTrading mainly because they have Islamic accounts, which allow trading without swaps. I like long trading, and I don’t really like accumulating negative swaps while waiting out the drawdown. If you are sitting and waiting for a half of year, you will spend at least 20-30 pips just on the swap compensation, which is not very profitable.
    With AAFXTrading you can keep a deal open for a year or two or as long as you want – you won’t have a negative swap. But this is definitely not all. Already during trading through this broker, I got that I can open long-term deals not only for currency pairs but also for shares. I had to add another 10K to my existing 10K for it in order to get VIP status, but it was worth it. Thanks to it I became not just a speculator, but an investor; I keep shares for a long term and receive the dividends from it.
    Somebody will say: dude, these are not shares at all, just CFD. But who cares. I get my profit when the rate is growing the same way as I would own real securities. I receive the dividends when the company makes payments to the shareholders. And also I don’t pay any huge commissions to the broker of the stock market, instead I’m paying small spread to AAFXTrading. The spreads are really tight here, even it is not that important for long-term trading, but it is nice anyway, at the end saving is also income.
    Many people appreciate AAFXTrading for the opportunity to scalp, but personally, I prefer long-term trading. If you are ready to invest 20 000 dollars, then you can get very beneficial conditions to invest in shares.

    1. Radu Gabiel says:

      How long have you been trading on Forex?
      I joined that trading just a few months ago and for now, I have very many questions. I also trade on AAFX and thinking about opening VIP account and along with it I’m afraid to lose all my money. Does it make sense for a newcomer to open VIP account or is it better to trade for some time on the regular? By the way, I’m trading on the account with the fixed spread in order to avoid some unpleasant moments as wide spreads when the news is coming out. But you wrote that the spread on VIP account is totally small, so it is impossible that it can surprisingly grow and I will lose all my money because of it? Maybe this question sounds silly, but I started to trade on the market very recently.

  73. Devi Brivael says:

    I’ve started to trade with AAFX only because of welcome bonus – just wanted to test how long would it take from my side to fulfill its requirements; ) In the end, it took only 3 months, maybe a little bit longer. I withdrew the bonus, and continue trading with the broker even now because the conditions turned out to be very and very well 😉

    1. Rune Kayzer says:

      Exactly, their welcome bonus is an awesome thing. I also started to trade with AAFX mainly because of the bonus, but also because I was looking for the broker specifically for scalping. I’m sure, that I will meet all the bonus requirements even faster than you because I’m trading really a lot now. I’m halfway through just for the first month, but the main thing is that I can trade with scalping and broker doesn’t mind. When you have a good strategy all you need is that the broker is out of your way of trading and allows you to withdraw the money. Everything is fine with the first point, I will check on the second shortly 😉 Although based on the reviews AAFX also doesn’t have any problems with it.

  74. I’m fine with the trading with Aafx trading. It is perfect for intraday trading and scalping. Correct orders execution. You can open limit entry order or just market orders without being afraid something goes wrong. If you are trading the news, then once in a while you can break the execution on a while. However it can happen with any broker and can be even worse. That is why I’m not going to trade with aafx

  75. Robert Noyman says:

    I don’t mind trading. With certain reservations though. First and foremost, trading is a pleasure when Mt4 works properly and brokers don’t put sand in your wheels. It’s also good when your deals don’t get discredited with no apparent reason. AAFX trading doesn’t face such problems, which is why I prefer trading there.

  76. I will tell only about one broker’s advantage and it is segregated accounts. It means that the traders’ assets are stored separately from the company assets. Guys, this is a real indicator of credibility for the broker. But! Some brokers write that they have segregated accounts , except, in reality, they don’t. AAFX for sure has it. I’ve checked. Even if you don’t choose AAFX, pay attention to this stuff in other brokers. It is often overlooked, but I think it is crucial.

  77. German Gincz says:

    I’m a newbie on Forex, Aafx trading is my first broker. I’m trading already for three months, and everything works out for me so far. Great, that broker gives a bonus for the first deposit, sometimes I’m trading pretty risky, and additional assets help me in such situations.
    I like the trading platform (well as far as I understand Metatrader 4 also used by other brokers).However, I’ve seen on the internet, that some of the traders who work with other brokers experience rapidly evolving prices on 5-10 pips. stop loss or take profit do not activate in this case. I didn’t have anything like that with aafx.
    It’s a pity, that broker doesn’t conduct any training for the newcomers. At this point, I wouldn’t mind having some kind of lessons or master classes from experienced traders. I hope they will make it in. Meanwhile, I’m searching for the information on the internet and learning through trial and error.

  78. M. Johnson says:

    I can really say that my AAFX broker is reliable. A reliable and trustworthy broker is very important for a company like forex trading. That is why I joined this broker. This broker is not only serving me with their different trading structure such as variable spreads, ECN account, high volume leverage but also there the trading platform is very secure. I know that my investments are saved on their platform.

  79. Miguel Lloyd says:

    When choosing my AAFX broker I only considered 2 things. These are widespread and lever. Leverage is a very important financial tool that I imagine every trader will consider when trading. I had gone with this broker for the lever 1: 2000. They also provided proper risk management for my company. They have fewer problems with dealing desks and no problems with slippage and re-quotation. I can also apply the robot forex for my trading.

  80. Totally SCAM broker who are just out there to take funds from their clients. They are not regulated that’s why they can just do what they want to do to their clients accounts. They don’t allow you to take your profits or your deposit back at all. They will make sure to crash your account to negative balance so you can not take your money back. What they do is planting fake closed trades of big lost. That’s what they did to me. I send my evidences to them but they just ignore me and didn’t respond at all to my complaints. I hope someone can be able to stop them. I wish they will receive their Karma soon.

    1. Bruno Lonst says:

      It’s just impossible for brokerage to close your trades. AAFX uses Metatrader 4 and they can’t control trading platform at all. So they CAN’T do what you’re blaming them to do with your account.
      Regarding regulations – they have SVG regulation and yeah, it isn’t extremely credible, but they offer better trading condiitions.
      I think you should take better control among your deals and look for your mistakes. As I said, brokerage can’t manipulate your deals, so the only explanation is that it’s your faults.
      Remember, that Forex trading isn’t ‘free money’ and you should be skilled enough to earn there.

  81. They are SCAM broker. They lies. They are not regulated to any financial authorities. I know because I am one of their victim. I can not send my complaints to anywhere not even to FSA in St. Grenadines where this broker says they are regulated in their website. Because I got an email report from FSA from St. Grenadines that this AAFX trading broker is not regulated by them. This SCAM broker just took my funds by planting lots of fake trades with big lost in my account when I want to withdraw my money. They do not send any daily confirmations but I saved my statements and when I send my evidences to them, they totally disabled my account and doesn’t reply to my emails. Their live chats started not to work when I started following up my withdrawals. I wish I can be able to recover my deposits.

  82. Alvin Constant says:

    I recently joined this broker from the start of this year. I actually joined this broker for experimentation. One of my friends suggested me this broker and I joined with them by opening a mini account with just 100$. I think they delivers very good service in term of they are almost new in this market. I am currently trading with their fixed account. In this account I get very advanced facilities like high leverage and lowest spread rate.

  83. Since 2010 I have change 3 brokers and one of them is very famous broker which I don’t want to mention as they did a great scam in 2013 which cost my whole account. Since then I am trading with this broker and doing quite good. As new broker they are giving fresh services and enable to gain my trust over them. I am trading here without any execution problem.

  84. It’s been long time I am trading with the broker. My experience with this broker without any doubt is the best till now. They are the best service provider in the market in my view. Fast execution, usable bonus, low spread, 1:2000 leverage, less slippage, free trade set up, active customer care system etc. which make this broker above than other brokers. So far so good with the broker. And I am judging the broker for their service not my profit ratio which is low by the way.

  85. Milley Stone says:

    Broker always has an especial impact on every traders trading experience. Luckily I manage to get sign up with this broker. It gives me immense pleasure to work with this broker. This broker has the best transaction system in this market. It executes my withdraw order within 1-2 hours. It also has a great trading platform where trade with super-fast execution. I hardly face any slippage or re-quote problem in their platform.

  86. BEST Brokerage to be with hands down. Lowest spreads, fast withdrawals of large amounts.

    Been with them for 2 months.. fast wire deposits, 1-2 days super fast wire withdrawals international… any amount… instantly processed. Excellent and very helpful customer service / support staff. Spreads are consistently the best I’ve ever seen even during volatility.. Better spreads than Dukascopy, VantageFX, etc etc… can’t beat it. EURUSD avg spread is 0.4 in VIP. It is a pleasure to be with them.

  87. results is all that matters, good trading environment, good response from mt4, execution is good though I would say it can be better. withdrawals are on time or earlier, except one time I had to update some documents which I find reassuring. over all, 2016 is a good year for trading.

  88. The company offer some great execution and no slippage also during the news time. I am happy with them and recommend all friends here 🙂