Arab Financial Brokers (AFB)

  • Website:  (Out of business)
  • Year since: 2004
  • Headquarters: Kuwait
  • Company registration: AFB FX Ltd., Kuwait
  • Regulation: Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait;FSA UK (#553071), CySEC.

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6 thoughts on “Arab Financial Brokers (AFB)

  1. M.Bilal khan says:

    Hi I’m Bilal Khan I want to talk.

  2. M.Bilal khan says:

    Hello .I need to contact with you.

  3. Satya says:

    My funds got blocked with, around $5000
    Could you help with withdrawal of funds please. I can’t find any contact of this Broker

  4. Mohamad says:

    This so called Khaled El Rached Chairman of the board of directors in the company decided to prohibit clients from withdrawing their funds. This started a while back with my clients from Malaysia and now from Syria and Jordan. They ruined all their reputation because of one employee! I closed my IB account at the company

    • Satya says:

      Did anyone take any action with afb, the forex broker? If so please let me know

      • Syed Abbas says:

        Theire are many victims of AFB Kuwait. We can find out if joint action can still be taken against them.
        The funds were blocked in 2012, I think.