Arab Financial Brokers (AFB)

  • Website:  (Out of business)
  • Year since: 2004
  • Headquarters: Kuwait
  • Company registration: AFB FX Ltd., Kuwait
  • Regulation: Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait;FSA UK (#553071), CySEC.

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7 Replies to “Arab Financial Brokers (AFB)”

  1. My funds got blocked with, around $5000
    Could you help with withdrawal of funds please. I can’t find any contact of this Broker

  2. This so called Khaled El Rached Chairman of the board of directors in the company decided to prohibit clients from withdrawing their funds. This started a while back with my clients from Malaysia and now from Syria and Jordan. They ruined all their reputation because of one employee! I closed my IB account at the company

      1. Theire are many victims of AFB Kuwait. We can find out if joint action can still be taken against them.
        The funds were blocked in 2012, I think.