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  • Programming Language: Written from Scratch in Python
  • Consensus Mechanism: Proof-of-Work (custom implementation) + HyperNodes (custom implementation)
  • Hashing algorithm: SHA224
  • Signing algorithm: PKCS1_v1_5
  • No ICO , no premine , Developer Reward:  Every 10th block (10%) of miners reward
  • Lead Developer:
  • Bismuth is a blockchain protocol and a platform at the same time. It has an innovative approach to database scaling, introduces the concept of private contracts and limits the contract execution to users willing to participate, while keeping them publicly verifiable.
  • “Inception of Bismuth was preceded by a long research of the forerunning technologies like Bitcoin, NXT or Ethereum. The issue these systems had in common was the lacking integration with outside applications and complicated mechanisms for import of such applications to the blockchain itself. Unlike the predecessors, Bismuth offers multiple levels of access – though network, direct database access, and the OpenField™ decentralized application layer, all of them in a very straightforward manner.”
  • Hyperblock. Hyperblock allows transactions to be compressed regularly, reducing the size of the blockchain to the amount of accounts present in it. Currently it saves 96% of RAM usage and enables users to save as much drive space when their client is configured only for hyperblocks.
  • Data & Operations. OpenField allows users to save their data into the blockchain, including private and public messages, communication with decentralized application interpreters, document fingerprinting for legal purposes, complex operations for shared-state contract execution.
  • Polysig. Bismuth will support multiple cryptographic algorithms, signing and address formats to protect users from quantum attacks. The mix will include current RSA, SHA224, newly introducing ECDSA (SECP256k1) and BLAKE2b
  • Hypernode. The masternode design for Bismuth includes a secondary proof of stake blockchain to collect metrics independently and without interference in order to reward users who provide reliable nodes.
  • Privacy. Bismuth support Tor's onion network integration for completely concealed transaction routing. Bismuth also provides a transaction mixer private contract based on public key encryption to make sender and recipient unlinkable.
  • Intellipool. To keep transaction fees low, Bismuth introduces a programmable mempool solution, which allows to prioritize transactions based on their partially configurable properties. This prevents transaction delays.
  • Semantics. The concept of operations abstracted from normal blocks, but stored outside of them, enables unlimited content including on-chain forking without disturbing the underlaying system.
  • With the Hyperlane extension, Bismuth network participants will be able to transfer data selectively and without strict blockchain sequencing. This technology might enable sidechains, fully scaling decentralized data storage and instant data delivery
  • Bismuth hyperlane scales indefinitely, because it is: Unenforced, Selective, Scattered, Infinitely extensible
  • Read More: 2017.9.29 #Cryptointerview with @tezosevangelist (Lead developer of Bismuth)
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