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Criteria for evaluating cryptocurrencies:

  • Security over scalability. A more secure, less scalable currency is more valuable than a less secure, more scalable currency.
  • Decentralization over centralization.
  • Proof of work over traditional 
    proof of stakehttp://www.truthcoin.info/blog/pow-cheapest/)

Tier 1 

  • Bitcoin – Store of Value, Digital ‘gold'.  Proof of Work through ASIC miners
  • Snowblossom – A backup plan for Bitcoin, prepared for quantum computers,  payment currency, Proof of Work through Storage IO,
  • NYZO –  Medium of exchange, the cryptocurrency that actually works for everyday spending , Proof of Diversity
  • Amoveo – Financial Derivatives, Prediction Markets, Futarchy Governance, Proof of work

Tier 2 

  • Bismuth – POW. Dapp Platform built from scratch with python
  • Zcash – POW, Privacy Coin, Fork of Bitcoin
    Komodo – DPOW, Privacy Coin, Dapp platform, Zcash fork
  • Dero – Cryptonote Privacy Coin with Private Smart Contract
  • Monero – POW, Cryptonote Privacy Coin, Fork of Bytecoin
  • Beam – POW, Mimblewimble Privacy Coin
  • Grin – POW, Mimblewimble Privacy Coin 

Tier 3

  • Ethereum – POW. ICO Platfrom, Non Fungible Token Platform, Smart Contract/Dapp platform
  • Byteball – Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), payment currency
  • Hashgraph – Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs), Smart Contract/Dapp platform
  • Nano – Block Lattice, payment currency, instant, zero-fee, scalable
  • DFINITY – Proof of stake, decentralized cloud platform
  • Cardano – Proof of stake, Smart Contract/Dapp platform
  • Cosmos – Proof of stake, Blockchain for interoperability
  • Radix – non-blockchain cryptocurrency
  • Skycoin – non-PoW, permissioned dapp platform, utility coin for decentralized internet
  • Stellar – FBA(Federated Byzantine Agreement), payment network, cross-border payments
  • zilliqa – Dapp platform
  • Tera – Proof of work, Dapp platform
  • Pascalcoin – POW, Payment Currency with Safebox, ‘Deletable blockchain'
  • Mochimo – POW, payment currency, claimed to be quantum resistant ( ‘Patented', Closed source, big premine, thus currently it's very centralized)
  • Nimiq – proof of work payment currency written in Javascript
  • Decred – POW+POS, Bitcoin Clone + On-chain Voting Governance
  • NEM – Proof of Importance
  • BurstCoin – Proof of space of storage
  • Ardor – Proof of stake, Dapp platform

Tier 4 Utility Coin

  • MaidSafe – autonomous and decentralised data network
  • Placeholders – Proof of work,  utility coin for decentralized VPS
  • Siacoin – Proof of work, decentralized cloud storage platform

Tier 5

Tier 6 

  • For all other digital assets:
    • 1 Is it designed to be more trust-free/decentralized than other currencies?
    • 2 Will I use their coin myself if it becomes successful?
  • If the answer is no for both questions, then it's Tier 6 assets.Most utility tokens, enterprise blockchain coins, bank coins are in this category.
  • Examples:
    • Ripple
    • Chainlink
    • Quant Network
  • Most Tier 6 Assets are either ‘Futility Tokens‘ or Unregulated securities/'Penny Stocks'
* 6.1  Intention or technology might be good, but should they really have a token?
* 6.2  Long Scams, Not so obvious scams.
  1. Most centralized useless tokens
  2. Some enterprise blockchain coins or bank coins
* 6.3  Quick Scams
* Tier ?  List of projects that raised more money than is necessary  or have huge premine
Developers should be well paid, but the following project raised outrageous amounts:
  • EOS – Dapp platform
  • Tezos – Dapp platform with On-Chain Governance

Cryptocurrencies that have controversies

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Summaries of different cryptocurrencies

Note: Any link from fx-c.com to an external website does not imply or mean that we endorse the content or the use of such website.  The views and opinions of the authors of content published on other websites does not necessarily state or reflect the opinion of fx-c.com

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