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Tier 1 PoW blockchains

  • BitcoinStore of Value, Digital ‘gold'.  Proof of Work through ASIC miners
  • Snowblossom A backup plan for Bitcoin, prepared for quantum computers,  payment currency, Proof of Work through Large RAMs & SSDs, Snowblossom Content Channels (In development), Bitcoin's economic model,
  • Amoveo Financial Derivatives, Prediction Markets, Futarchy Governance, Proof of work through ASIC miners
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Tier 2 PoW Blockchains

Tier 3 Other PoW blockchains

  • Komodo – DPOW, Privacy Coin, Dapp platform, Zcash fork
  • Beam – POW, Mimblewimble Privacy Coin
  • Grin – POW, Mimblewimble Privacy Coin 
  • Bismuth – POW. Dapp Platform built from scratch with python
  • Decred – POW+POS, Bitcoin Clone + On-chain Voting Governance
  • Pascalcoin – POW, Payment Currency with Safebox, ‘Deletable blockchain'
  • Mochimo – POW, payment currency, claimed to be quantum resistant ( ‘Patented', Closed source, big premine, thus currently it's very centralized)
  • Nimiq – proof of work payment currency written in Javascript

Tier 4 Non-PoW Blockchain

Tier 5 Utility Coin

  • Placeholders – Proof of work,  utility coin for decentralized VPS
  • Siacoin – Proof of work, decentralized cloud storage platform

Tier 6 Perhaps should not exist

Tier 7 Useless Coin/Token

 7.1  Intention or technology might be good, but should they really have a token?
7.2  Long Scams, Not so obvious scams:
  1. Most centralized useless tokens
  2. Some enterprise blockchain coins or bank coins
7.3  Quick Scams /Obvious Scams
8  List of projects that raised more money than is necessary  or have huge premine
Developers should be well paid, but the following project raised outrageous amounts:
  • EOS – Dapp platform
  • Tezos – Dapp platform with On-Chain Governance

9 Stablecoin

$USDC  https://archive.is/PWHEO

Summaries of different cryptocurrencies

Digestible summaries for some coins: https://twitter.com/Dmitriysz/status/972538280062447617

100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less