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GUTS Tickets & GET Protocol 

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GUTS is a Dutch project based out of Amsterdam with the main goal of providing fair ticketing to fans all over the world, GUTS works both B2B and B2C with the GET protocol currently in development and a working ticketing application already being used throughout the Netherlands. GUTS helps artists connect with their fans & venues take control of their ticketing systems, all while providing a smooth and efficient service. View more information here at the GUTS website. 

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METALPAY – AMA Transcript from the Cryptocopia Slack Channel

Bitcoin Talk Thread: What happened to Metalpay in Q3 & Q4 2017 2017 Hey all. We just completed the AMA for Metalpay at the Cryptocopia slack ( Enjoy the read! MYCO @channel Starting Metalpay Ask Me Anything, with Metalpay CEO Marshall Hayner. AMA Rules – use reply threads for discussion. Questions are top level, everything else is a reply. […] Continue Reading →

Metalpay AMA 2018.6.30(Ask me anything Session, From discord)

Blake King-Yesterday at 7:35 AM Marshall: How goes the ticker change? Is there a timeline at all regarding getting relisted and has a decision been made regarding the actual new ticker? Is this going to happen before any software releases? Is this being timed to happen when the market turns less brutal? Jae: is there any […] Continue Reading →

Skycoin AMA from Ark Slack Channel (synth)

2017 Part 1 boldninja Let’s all give a warm welcome to @synth from and for taking the time to do this AMA synth *hello mike Hi Synth jakethepanda Hey @synth thrice.pi Hey synth dr10 Hi boldninja I think we can start – you guys know the drill. Give him some time to respond (no more than 2-3 questions on backlog so he can catch up) dr10 How would you – shortly […] Continue Reading →


Power Ledger Pty Ltd (Power Ledger) was officially formed in May 2016 to address three of the major challenges facing the energy system globally: 1. Finding a way to include individuals in high-density housing in the booming distributed energy economy; 2. Re-inventing electricity networks to provide an incentive for the connection of DER;  3. Mitigating the risk of stranding […] Continue Reading →