Company: CFD100 Ltd

CompanyCFD1000 Ltd
Year since2012
HeadquartersUnited Kingdom

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5 Replies to “CFD1000”

  1. MR. MIRZA says:

    I have opened the account with this cfd1000. on 28th December 2015 with $5000.00 and in April 2016, I was told that my account is now $21000.00 I asked to Mr. Roy Davis(chief Broker for VIP Accounts..This is what they told me at the time of opening my Account.. As VIP Account) to give me $ 5000.00 so that I could pay back to my Credit Card Bank, from whom I had borrowed that money to open my account with CFD1000.Inspite of my requesting again and again,they stopped answering my Phone calls & E-mails.I have not heard from this CFD1000 or from the people like Mr.Roy Davis,Mr.Sam Brick & Mr. Mike William.(These are three persons I have been dealing with).British Financial Controlling Authority Should not ALLOW at all to this kind of Brokers OR Companies to OPERATE in this country.

  2. are simply a crook organization. Their only purpose in this business is to steal the hard earned money from their investors. Inspite of so many traders loosing money with them and complaining they have no balls to defend their back. Crux of the matter is they know their lack of integrity and are best classified as highway robbers. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this unregulated broker else your will regret your decision in dealing with them.

  3. After several persuasive calls, Mrs. Rose Guion, Head of VIP Sales and Services – CFD1000, convinced me to invest in their Algo Trading solution (CFD1000 Algo Trading) which would give good returns. I was skeptical about investment because which I checked their website on, the report said “Site is Russian Federation based and one needs to take caution when dealing with them as the indicator was inclined toward high risk. Also I was told that they were regulated by New Zealand however when I wrote to Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR), I was informed there is no such company registered with them.

    In-spite of these two warnings I decided to trust on them and invest $1,000 to test the platform. I was informed by Rose that the company is in process of seeking regulation and that it would take time and I must not worry about it being regulated or not. I must say for some time I did see some profits in the account and then almost every few weeks I would receive a call from them stating we are running promotion and that I must invest more funds as they can double it up with their bonus. I decided to invest further $3,000 in it. Hence total equity from me was $4,000 and the total bonus on this account was $1,300.

    During the initial few weeks the fund manager would take position and close it max in a day or two with profit or loss. However as the market started to become unfavorable the fund manager decided to allow the loss to continue and did not bother closing the loosing trade. Not only did he allow loosing trade to become even bigger loss but he continued to open new positions in the unfavorable direction. When I asked Rose Guion about this she told me don’t worry about it, they are golden trades. Due to complete lack of money management and position sizing the losses continued to grow and eventually they caused a margin call to my account. When I asked them about why did they have to open so many positions in such a small account and why so big size positions, I was told the traders have done their best to manage the account. Surely by no means giving a margin call to client is in the profile of a fund manager.

    I am not guru in investing but as per my knowledge most of the fund managers do not allocate more than 2% of the account size for any given trade and it would send shiver down the spine if any single trade exposes risk more than 5% of the account size. For my account, the average risk of the loosing trade was 20% and the highest risk was at 34%. Also there was simply no control in the number of open positions at any given single point of time. Keeping six positions of 0.20 lot and then hedging it with a mighty 1.20 lot size was certainly not a professional decision.

    When I asked Rose Guion if the Fund manager have been right on their part of giving me a margin call , I was told they have done their best. Also when I asked how would help me to recover the losses, I was told to invest more money with them and they will provide maximum bonus to me to help in recover the losses in next 12 – 24 months. Surely my confidence in them is at rock bottom.

    I was later informed by Rose Guion that she has been promoted in the company and that she does not handle my account any longer. My account was passed on to Jean Martinez. He has a Russian accent and called me few times from Italian number however when I asked him where he is based, I was informed he is based in London. He wanted me to invest further funds in the account for faster recovery however I told him I want to first see my initial investment recovered before I invest further. He traded my account for few weeks and it was slowly recovering the losses. However one fine day there were suddenly big positions opened and several open positions. I immediately warned both Jean and Rose about not allowing third margin call to my account. Unfortunately in few days the account was again hit with a margin call due to absolute careless behavior of the fund manager who does not seem to understand the meaning of position sizing and money management. It was clearly a deliberate act of opening big positions and causing me a margin call . When I discussed this with Rose, she informs the market contains risks and I should be aware of it and according to Jean I should further invest with them for me to recover my investment.

    I followed up with Jean several times however he does not seem to be interested in responding hence I have concluded is a complete scam and I would like to make it loud and clear to all the existing investors and the potential investors not to deal with this company. They will show you progress for few weeks or possibly little longer however one fine day they will shock you with their sheer carelessness and destroy your account. I have seen this happening thrice with my account. If it was a genuine company, they would have refunded my amount for their negligence however they simply have decided to ignore my mails hence their is little left to talk about them. I have lost $5,000 with these guys and they are absolute crooks and they will eventually steal your hard earned money. They did offer lot of false promises however failed to live up to any of it and continue to ask for more funds in order to recover the investment.

    Some more proof of them being dishonest includes:

    There site is classified with Low Trust Rating and identified as unsafe to use. It is based on Russian Federation with safety level as little as 25%.

    CFD1000 Ltd / 1000Trading Group Corporation is in breach of French law and is not required to follow the basic rules of investor protection, good information or claims processing.



    I will share more information about them in near future so that other investors are not cheated. Never allow a broker employee or an IB to trade your account. I urge all the investors of to withdraw your funds before its too late.

    The One

  4. CFD1000 Scam. CFD1000 Withholding Withdrawal
    I want to write this post to share my experience and to help anyone that is planning to open an account with CFD1000 or is already trading with them (If you are, you may want to try to withdraw your funds to see what happens. Please share your experience).
    I will try to make this as short and informative as possible:
    I requested a withdrawal of €6,000 on May 25, 2015 (nearly 3 months ago). On the 25 June 2015 I only received €1,000 out of the requested €6,000 withdrawal. I am still waiting for the remaining €5.000 withdrawal and do not know why they only processed €1,000. I placed two EUR/TRY trades since I opened my CFD1000 account.
    For the last 3 months I have been trying to contact CFD1000 and it has been near to impossible to contact anyone. They do not contact me back (I have tried via email, live chat, phone, skype). When I have managed to reach someone they never give me a solution or an explanation.
    The last person I contacted with the names, Paul Miller and Charles Perkins advised that they would proceed with my withdrawal and they would contact me. That same afternoon someone called John Sosa called me from CFD1000 and started offering me other financial products, asked for my MT4 login details passwords and personal data. I then found out that this person does not work in CFD1000 (this is probably part of the scam).
    Mr Franklin Martinez and Mr. Paul Miller promised that my funds would always be segregated through an external company called Lamda ( This was a lie, as when I trade with CFD1000, my funds are in CFD1000´s account and not in my Lamda account.
    I have contacted Lamda Group (Mrs. Katerina Chrisou) as I have again requested the remaining €5,000 back to my lamda card. Lamda seem to want to help but are not responding anymore and have not come back to me with an answer as to why my withdrawal is not being processed.
    More information on the lamda card that CFD1000 offers:
    Mr Franklin Martinez advised that CFD1000 was regulated in New Zealand. When we checked, this was not true. They are not regulated anywhere. They state on their terms and conditions “The company was incorporated in the New Zealand under the International Business Companies”, however we cannot find any company registered as CFD1000 Limited.
    CFD1000 state on their website that they are located in 88 wood street, London EC2V7AJ, United Kingdom ( The strange thing about this is that they are not regulated by the FCA and are doing business from London (this is illegal). Also, when searching this address via google we found 227 companies registered to this address. Many of them dissolved and none of them CFD1000 Limited (
    I will be visiting the offices in the next few weeks and will keep you guys informed.
    CFD1000 is a pure market maker. This means that they create their own market prices (do not have to be the same as official market prices) and they take the other side of your position. When you win they lose and vice-versa. As you can imagine, no one but the broker can win with this type of business model.
    They have various other trading companies and websites such as: (I received a withdrawal from this company on-behalf of CFD1000) (Closed)
    I hope this review has helped. These type of companies need to be stopped and I find it incredible how easily they can get away with it!
    It may be a good idea that anyone having problems with CFD1000, do as below:
    • Post your reviews on other forums and websites (just search CFD1000 on google and write reviews on first ten pages).
    • Post your experience in Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+).
    • Go to regulators such as FSA and Ombudsman, FSP in New Zealand, SEC, ESMA and OLAF and make them aware of what is going on.
    • Go to your local police office.
    • Keep an eye out for other websites they open, such as anything with “1000” in the url and are related to trading.
    • If you have a strong case you may want to get legal advice.
    Thank you.

  5. My name is Gloria, I lost $20 000 dollars with CFD1000, they showed me fake return charts, kept bugging me for more money, a month after I gave them the 20 grand, I went with there Algo because I am not good trader, every contract they did was a loser, everyone, when i looked at my account. They gave me no updates about account, they froze my MT4 so it looked like the money was there, and finally I asked about my investment, they said it was all gone, I asked to speak to the three people who, I talked to at beginning and they told me they all quit, and that it was there fault. Do not do business with them, they are not regulated, they told me they where regulated, $20 000 wiped out, almost all my savings, I was fooled by there promises, and fake return charts. Please stay away from them people, they are such losers to do this too me.