CompanyFX Central Clearing Ltd. (reg# HE 258741)
Year since2010
HeadquartersLimassol, Cyprus
Regulation.CySEC (# 121-10), FCA(UK) (#549790)
US Clientsno
Min Deposit($)100
ECN Account Min Deposit($)100
ECN Commission($)/rtl(Round Turn Lot)8
Offer Fixed Spreadno
Offer Variable Spreadyes
EURUSD Lowest spreads (pips)0.75
Account CurrencyUSD, EUR, GBP
Max Leverage300
Minimal Lot0.01
Deposit MethodBank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, -Neteller
Withdrawal methodBank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, -Neteller
All EAs Allowedyes
Currency Pairs28
Gold Spread(100oz)>25
Silver Spread(5000oz)>2
Other InstrumentsIndices, Commodities, Energies
Managed Accountsno
Swap-free accountsno
Segregated Accountsyes
Interest on Marginno
Bonuses & Rewardsyes
Trading contestsno
Trading platformMT4 (ECN), MT4, Currenex, Sirix, FXSTAT,
Platform Execution
Platform Time ZoneGMT+2
Trailing stopsyes
OCO ordersyes
One-click executionyes
Trade with mobilephoneyes
Trade in browseryes

Company: FX Central Clearing Ltd. (reg# HE 258741)

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82 Replies to “FXCC”

  1. Archie Nguyen says:

    My review
    Trading experience:3 years
    FXCC trading experience:6 months
    Trading Strategy: conservative
    FXCC pros: top tier regulation, no dealing desk processing, tens of currency pairs, 12 years of working experience.
    FXCC cons: high leverage on currencies, rather long withdrawal processing.
    Conclusion: FXCC can be a reliable tool to succeed in trading. I’d like to point out very low spreads at times that can be useful for high frequency traders, which I’m not. To cut a long story short you can find your way of trading here.

  2. Carter MacDonald says:

    I saw that this broker offers a kind of Multi Account Manager, what is it and how can it be used? Who knows?

  3. Kakar Dasgupta says:

    FXCC broker is above average. As an STP broker, they get the liquidity from institutional partners, so they can provide competitive spreads to the final consumers. Their spreads are lower than market average. High leverage and zero stocks available are the minor disadvantages of the broker.

  4. I have experience with deposit bonuses when a broker pushes a trader to make a certain amount of trading volumes. Does the FXCC bonus system require something like that?

  5. Definitely will consider this broker as a trading platform for several reasons
    1. very informative. For me who knows about trading from little to none, it was very helpful to see basic knowledge about trading everywhere in the articles. Let alone they have an education section.
    2.Safety. The company has been on the forex market since 2010. It is regulated and licensed.
    3.No minimum deposit. I can try myself in forex with minimum funds required.
    4.100% first deposit bonus with pretty transparent terms and conditions.

  6. Started trading at FXCC with $100 thanks to no minimum deposit requirement. There’s also an option to trade with 0.01 lots on an ECN XL account. As I’m not so experienced with forex trading I try to utilize the education section and daily technical analysis in particular. I don’t think I’m ready to go into fundamental analysis, as it’s for more advanced traders. I’m on my way there and technical work for me at the moment.

  7. I enjoy working with FXCC because this broker wins in many ways compared to other companies in the foreign exchange market. The important advantage is the availability of up-to-date analytical data and news on the website. The first experience I got on the demo account, and the next step was the transition to a real account. During this time I have had time to appreciate efficient and nice customer support service. I didn’t have any problems with the withdrawal of my earnings.

  8. My account with FXCC broker has been open for five years. I withdraw profit all the time, there is no withdrawal fee. ECN account, narrow floating spread.
    Recently I brought a friend of mine (he traded with another broke. So he still tells me thanks for the great advice. He says the difference here is like heaven and earth, he is very satisfied.

    1. Hans Holm says:

      It’s great to hear such stories. Considering to join the broker. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Jayden Leblanc says:

    How much money can I ean per month with fxcc?

    1. this is wrong question. you better ask yourself what should i do not to loose money. when you learn how not to loose you will learn immediately how to earn. there is no monthly earning limits. depends on your skills and depo. One can make hundreds per months, while other can make thousands

  10. The very first section which I visited when entered the website of this broker was the section “Spreads”. it’s really the most important thing in trading for me. I know that sometimes traders don’t even pay attention to spreads, but it’s not about me at all =)

    there is an opportunity to trade without spreads at all, at least, they are so minor that you won’t even notice any differences, just open ECN account and trade EUR/USD pair with 0.1-0.2 spreads, easy peasy 🙂

  11. Ketan Undre says:

    free virtual private server is a real wonder to me… any broker has the same? I didn’t find as brokers usually offer this feature for via monthly subcribtion fee

  12. Benjamin Lee says:

    Can you tell me if there is any difference in trading conditions for users from Europe?

  13. Jake Bennett says:

    As for the broker fxcc, I can highlight a few points:
    1. The most popular trading platform MT4;
    2. ECN XL trading account;
    3. Several regulatory authorities, including CIF, regulated by CySec and a member of the EU Directive;
    4. A large number of trading assets, including indices and metals;
    5. A large number of financial and analytical instruments.
    As you can see, the broker has a lot of exciting things and all conditions for any trader and any strategy.

  14. Alban Dupuy says:

    Basically, I have never thought that a broker would play a significant role in my trading career. I chose this broker because I liked its website, where I found all the information on my initial stages of acquaintance with this broker.
    However, I was pretty surprised by the lack of opportunity for CFD trading, especially on stocks.

  15. Ethan Leblanc says:

    I consider when things are changing in the world, it’s crucial to have a remote job.
    I’m getting acceptable results out of forex, and I’ve decided that this will be my main job. There was no question for me to choose FXCC broker.
    The broker has an excellent trading account with almost zero spreads and fast withdrawal.

  16. Aaron Walker says:

    I thought about whether I ought to write this review or not, but I decided to write it at the last moment. I am not fond of writing reviews, however, sometimes I am eager to do it when I liked something or vice versa, I didn’t really like something. As for the trading with this broker, I can allege that I would give it a good mark. I liked the conditions, such as diversification of accounts or tight spreads, but I would also note the lack of stocks CFD trading, and hope this feature will be added 🤝

  17. Declan Levesque says:

    What’s the safest asset to trade for a beginner?

    1. I think you need to use indices: less risky assets that FXCC has. IMHO

  18. Airavata Atwal says:

    Can I use ewallets as my payment method for deposits and withdrawals?

    1. Plenty of methods for withdrawing and depositing money exist. For example, Neteller, skrill, sofort, rapid etc

  19. Mason Wood says:

    I chose this broker comparatively recently when I required something new in my trading life. I was pretty tired of various similar conditions which all brokers offer.
    Here I found:
    1) Absence of commissions. Especially when we are talking about withdrawing money. Some payments systems apply commissions, while the most part don’t do it.
    2) Presence of bonus system and interesting promotions which open new opportunities as for the professional trader or for novices.
    3) Huge leverage, up to 1:1000. It’s easy to lose all the money in case you will use this leverage without proper risk management strategy.

  20. I joined the broker because of the following advantages:
    1) 1:500 leverage for all clients without exception
    2) Zero deposit requirement
    3) 100% First Deposit Bonus
    4) Hedging allowed
    The latter was especially important for me because I actively use heading also known as locking in my daily trading. I mostly trade cross-pair currency pairs and I can’t imagine trading them without locking. It really helps me to reach my goals.

  21. I looked at the website chart “Average effective spreads for executions” and saw that spreads for the last period for the pair eurusd were equal to +/- 0.1, but at some times widened up to 3 pips. What could have caused such a widening?

    1. Henrijs Freidenfelds says:

      In most of the cases the spreads expand because of certain volatility on the market. I mean that when the financial news affect the prices so much and the volatility increases, in such cases the spreads also grow. So, in this situation fxcc’s spreads don’t really differ from other floating spreads of other brokers.

  22. Sometimes I think that it would be nice if FXCC had an MT5 trading platform.
    As far as I know there are more opportunities for technical analysis.
    I have been trading with FXCC for a year now. Using MT4 sometimes seems boring to me…(
    In any case, the rest of the features of this broker are of a high level.

  23. This is my first company, I have nothing to compare it with. But so far I am very satisfied. I opened an account 2 weeks ago, now I’m learning, trading on demo account. It has free daily technical analysis, I always use it when I need more information about the market situation. 🙂
    FXCC broker offers some of the best trading conditions and its ECN XL account has almost zero spreads. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. 💲

  24. Hemendra Hayre says:

    I would like to continue trading here.
    This broker pleasantly surprised me with decent trading conditions. The main thing is that it doesn’t charge large swaps. It’s very important for me because my trading strategy is based on locking.
    Key pros of this broker:
    * Tight spreads
    * MInimal swaps
    * No hidden fees

  25. I think that trading with this broker is what I will be doing all the time.
    Now I still have a main job and I trade only in the evenings. I only opened a live account a few weeks ago.
    The most difficult thing for me was to understand how exit trades in time, and now everything is working out for me.
    Among the assets, I prefer the major currency pairs. I use scalping a lot and therefore can make good money.

  26. I’m fond of scalping actually, anyone knows does this broker allows scalping?

    1. Yes, of course, that’s one of the main advantages of the FXCC.
      Besides that, you can also use hedging here.

  27. Rasmus Karu says:

    Is it true that FXCC has an affiliate system? Is it normal?

    1. Qadim Chana says:

      It’s got it. Affiliate program assumes you get paid for your signe up referrals and getting commissions on their trades.

  28. Leandro Milas says:

    FXCC is a pretty nice broker with competitive trading conditions. The spreads are nice, commissions are low. The only drawback that I can see is the fact that there is only mt4 trading platform available. I mean that I’d like to use mt5 as from my perspective it is a much better version of this lineup.

  29. Alberto Diaconu says:

    I downloaded the e-book from the educational section of the FXCC brokerage website. I never would have thought that one book could turn my life around like that! I learned theory, trading conditions, and opened an account. Later, I found out that I was lucky, because ECN XL has the best trading conditions. 🔥

    1. Juvel Carter says:

      “Yes you are right. ECN XL is really the account that has the best conditions for clients.
      By the way, earlier the FXCC broker had several types of accounts, but the company’s management realized that it would be better for traders if one account had everything they needed.
      It’s convenient, I think.”

  30. Gholbirin says:

    I chose this broker because I need a source to make money online. I searched a lot for brokers on different forums and FXCC had the best reviews. Think for yourself. This broker offers great benefits:
    – MT4 for fast trading;
    – low spreads;
    – many currency pairs;
    – the possibility of scalping;
    – hedging;
    is the only unique account with market execution.
    Besides, FXCC is regulated by CySec.
    So, everything is legal and safe here!

  31. Stormsinger says:

    I am interested in forex trading with FXCC, reading literature on the subject. Does anyone know who a market maker is and what does he do?

    1. Dejan Maglov says:

      Market makers are big market participants. I mean individual business sharks or organizations who can afford buying or selling huge amounts of the asset thus having a great impact on its price.

  32. Inar Rahayu says:

    To understand if you can trade Forex, you need to try it. I agree, this is corny, but it’s true.
    This is exactly what I decided to do. I have opened an FXCC demo account and am learning MT4. To be honest, some moments are very difficult for me, but I know that if it’s hard at the beginning, then everything will be fine!

  33. Henry Anderson says:

    What’s the minimum amount I can withdraw here?

    1. Reza Ramadan says:

      The minimum withdrawable amount here is relatively high and accounts for $50, but it’s compensated by no commission, no swaps, and tight spreads. Besides this, here you can count on a free VPS service, and a $250 reward for attracting a friend-)

  34. Cristi Dinu says:

    This company was founded in 2010 and in more than a decade of trading experience has earned numerous awards as having an account with some of the best trading conditions. At the same time, the broker has several licenses and regulators, so trading here is safe and reliable. Yeah, it doesn’t have my favorite Metatrader 5 trading platform, but it has great MT4 speed.
    In addition, I was looking for a broker with good conditions and small minimum deposit, here the deposit is only $100.

  35. Budi Wacana says:

    I found their trading conditions good. I made up my mind to join this brokerage company because their trading conditions really attracted me. These conditions are quite universal – very tight spreads and no commissions. Such conditions encourage to trade very actively throughout the day. I remember when I scalped with brokers that charged commissions and it wasn’t for good because I had to share a part of my profit and it was especially bad when I had hard days.
    When you don’t need to pay commission, you can afford a higher percentage of losing trades, so it’s much easier to trade.

  36. Isaac Aminar says:

    Can anyone advise me of any profitable asset other than the major currency pairs when trading with an FXCC broker?

    1. Sushant Shroff says:

      I can recommend you this broker. It offers good spreads.

  37. Yash Dani says:

    FXCC is the broker I started trading with last month. There really is something interesting here, but I have certain complaints. Why are there no shares? Are you seriously? I understand that Forex market is trading in the foreign exchange market and not in the stock market, but still. Many CFD brokers have stocks so I hope you will correct this error soon. Sometimes I know that I can make money on the growth of Tesla, Facebook or Apple stocks.
    Of course, in all other respects this is just a great broker. Spreads are minimal, order execution speed is very fast and there is a possibility of hedging.

  38. Krishnamurthi Mohinder says:

    What are the most dangerous assets for scalping?

    1. I think that gold, silver, crude and cryptos are very dangerous for scalping because they are very volatile and liquid. However, you may certainly try.

  39. Lois Stroman says:

    I have formed a positive opinion of FXCC because this company has done things that others do not.
    It has done a great job on educational resources so that every person who comes to this company can improve and work competently.
    It’s worth noting that the biggest emphasis here is on just basic information to help understand what the market is and how it allows us to make money. But even if you’re an experienced trader you’ll also find something important and informative here, for example information about the latest news and fundamental analysis in general.
    The data is updated and added to regularly.

    1. Thorsten Ziegler says:

      I believe that fundamental analysis is very important for forecasting. It is especially cool if you use fundamental analysis together with technical.
      FXCC offers the MT4 trading platform, which has all the necessary tools for high-quality technical analysis, so there will be no problem with this.

  40. Kayden Roy says:

    I recommend FXCC broker to everyone. The broker works well. I have been cooperating with them since their opening, all my colleagues also transferred to them from other companies. I do not agree with some of the reviews. I have a deposit of more than $30,000 in work with them. My profit for the year is more than $20,000. They withdraw quickly, on the day of application, as stated by the broker. The broker has one ECN XL trading account, but with the best conditions. There are no delays in transactions execution. I obtain the profit on a regular basis. The customer support is excellent. They always give quick answers to all the questions.

  41. Hemendra Viswanathan says:

    I am trading on an FXCC demo account and would like to open a live account. What deposit do you think you need to make to start making normal money ??

    1. Christopher Hall says:

      I would recommend you to start with a thousand dollars at least. Actually, 5 thousand would be even better. Anyway, you should balance potential risks with expected profits. Such a range of amounts would suggest trading with mini-lots as a maximum volume per trade. Given the high leverage that FXCC provides (500:1), zero commission and tight spreads, that should be enough for you to make good cash.

  42. Per Wallin says:

    I have been trading with this broker for about four months and I should say that by the time I learned about this company from FXCC reviews, I changed the way I traded. Previously, my trading was quite chaotic but I thought that it made sense because I considered myself lucky, but it turned out that I was used to making one step forward and two backwards, but since I did it all the time I had a strong illusion of constant progress, but it all was fake.
    Fortunately, over time I came to an understanding that trading should be built around a cold rational approach and market analysis. It greatly improved my trading. You know traders rely on different things. Some trust custom indicators and even create them on their own, others are guided by fundamentals. I work with price levels on M15-M30. It really works, but it requires constant attention. I trade actively throughout the day and sometimes I feel as strong pressure as scalpers face but I got used to it and perceive it as a normal thing.
    With this broker, I prefer to trade energies and metals. They fit my trading approach best of all.

  43. Jayden Leblanc says:

    Aussie forex providers cannot be very proud of trading conditions for high-frequency trading. I heard about trading bots and I want to try it for myself. Does FXCC provide good trading conditions for such type of trading method?

    1. Lars Axelsson says:

      They use the MT4 trading platform on which it is possible to connect trading robots.
      Also, the FXCC broker has a free VPS server. This is necessary for algorithmic trading.

  44. Fardeen Ramanathan says:

    I started trading with this company last year, the quality of their work is top notch. I was able to work off my deposit back in March, which is a small amount, but still my first achievement of this type. About 2 weeks ago, I withdrew my first real profit to my card account. But everything went well, the withdrawal did not take more time than it usually takes and if I had any fears that FXCC broker is a scam and will not let me withdraw my profit, this has dispelled them completely.
    In general, how great it is that the broker has only one ECN XL account. I do not have to think for a long time, re-read the terms and conditions, to see if it suits your strategy. Moreover, the conditions here are really the best. The broker now has cryptocurrency trading. Today FXCC is one of the best brokers.

  45. Ricardo Coelho says:

    Broker FXCC has a great account type with which to trade well. Spreads from 0 and good leverage. Trading with Metatrader 4 is also available here. This is a truly professional trading software.

  46. Austin Johnson says:

    This broker is universal. It can satisfy both long-term traders and scalpers. Tight spreads and commission-free trading can be good for any trader. However, to trade with such good trading conditions, you have to put up with a relatively high withdrawable amount – $50. It may be a problem for traders used to withdrawing small amounts frequently, but it’s a normal thing for professional traders who withdraw larger amounts one to two times a month, for example.

  47. Vinos Wahyuni says:

    I usually get the most profits from currency pairs with the British Pound. I know the behaviour of sterling although it’s often hard to analyse. I like cross rates versus the Japanese yen, Euro and Swiss Franc. Gold CFDs take around 20% of my profitable deals. Thanks to the trading conditions offered by the FXCC, I have even increased the frequency of entries on gold CFDs. Zero commissions, tight spreads and low margin requirements open more possibilities for this volatile financial instrument.

  48. Gajendra Kuruvilla says:

    It seems to me that companies like FXCC are really worth a look. In fact, they are very much interested in normal service and for people to be able to concentrate fully on trading. What could be more important than comfort in work and business.

  49. Please tell me, what are the spreads for trading currency pairs with FXCC?

    1. Hunter Martin says:

      Well, the spreads depend on the asset and the overall situation on the market, but as a rule, floating spreads are somewhere between 0.5-1 spreads.

  50. Immanuel Lebs says:

    I have finally found a reliable broker to deal with from Australia. I was always wondering why so many brokers limit the leverage. Maybe because so many people do not know how to handle the issue. Who knows. I enter the market rarely but when I do, I try to get max out of the chance. So I need a leverage like FXCC offers. 500:1. Nice.
    Next, why pay commissions? OK, spreads can widen in volatile conditions, but why should you wait till the market goes crazy. I’d better position myself before an important event or the peak of trading activity. And if something goes wrong, I can always put a lock as FXCC allows hedging.

    1. Elliot Schuppe says:

      It’s really important to me too that FXCC broker doesn’t limit the amount of leverage for their traders. I really don’t understand why so many brokers limit leverage. I also don’t understand why there is often a leverage limit among the requirements of the regulators? I certainly understand that maybe they want to limit risks in this way. But the best way to limit risks is to learn how to trade competently. After all, an incompetent trader will lose his entire deposit even with zero leverage. The biggest risk is the lack of a good strategy and basic knowledge of the forex market. Thus, it is possible to lose the whole deposit much faster. Bad trader will lose his deposit in any case, using leverage or not.

  51. Cyprian Maciejewski says:

    What’s your most profitable financial instruments?

    1. Vinos Wahyuni says:

      I usually get the most profits from currency pairs with the British Pound. I know the behaviour of sterling although it’s often hard to analyse. I like cross rates versus the Japanese yen, Euro and Swiss Franc. Gold CFDs take around 20% of my profitable deals. Thanks to the trading conditions offered by the FXCC, I have even increased the frequency of entries on gold CFDs. Zero commissions, tight spreads and low margin requirements open more possibilities for this volatile financial instrument.

  52. Zdenko Knez says:

    When I started working with FXCC, I opened a demo account and I traded on it for half a year. Then I switched to a real account, being a confident trader. I was really worried that trading on a real account would be completely different. I was afraid of broker’s manipulations. But after starting to trade on a real account, I have not noticed any difference. Same quotes, same profit

  53. Mario Jurisha says:

    I recently started trading with an FXCC broker and already have good results. 70% of my trades are profit. I know this is a great result. This is due to the fact that FXCC allows scalping. I have earned several thousand dollars and I want to withdraw money to the card.
    I want to know how long I will wait for this and what problems may arise with the withdrawal of money?

    1. Finley Lewis says:

      The minimum withdrawable amount is $50. If you don’t want to wait for a long time, use e-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill to withdraw earnings. However, you should pay a 2,7% withdrawal fee in this case. If you don’t want to pay this fee, use a credit card, but you may be kept waiting for five days.

  54. Maim Hartati says:

    I didn’t test this broker. Instead I trusted my friend. He’s already a client of this broker. I save my time on the test and nothing bad happened. The broker is really genuine and it applies to both withdrawals and the trading process.

  55. Javon Barrows says:

    I monitor financial markets on a daily basis, although I do not trade forex professionally. That’s more of a hobby for me. At the same time, I make some additional money from time to time. I basically trade Aussie versus greenback and Japanese yen as I was born in Australia and I live here. I also take advantage of the correlation between the exchange rate of Australian dollar and the price of gold. I am not intended to build a long-term portfolio but prefer to make money on short-term rallies. It happens that I can get a crispy haul out of that.
    I was looking for a broker with low margin requirements and flexible leverage to apply my trading style. Of course, instant executions have to be in place. I have found FXCC reviews with quite an attractive offer in a single account type. This is a true ECN broker without dealing desks or anything like that. The practice shows that FXCC has multiple servers in many regions, which is a strong point when it comes to trading during different sessions. The spreads are tight and widening during volatility peaks.
    Other strong points:
    i) Hedging is allowed
    ii) Multi-terminal extension of the MT4 platform
    iii) Choice of payment methods for instant withdrawals.

  56. Christopher Martinez says:

    I know that the broker FXCC has good trading conditions. One of the best in forex. It’s suspicious. How do I know if this company is honest? Is there a regulation here?

    1. Marek Schwarz says:

      It’s a regulated broker.

  57. Amid al-Muhaber says:

    I think FXCC is good for trading with both large and small deposits like mine. The main advantage of this firm is the leverage they allow. There is nothing to do in Forex without having a sufficient leverage. YOu take the risks but also create an opportunity this way. Although I think that with a large amount it is still good to have some leverage. I don’t know about everyone but I believe that I can earn more or less normal money in the market. KNowing the broker will let you withraw the profits flawlessly is a must, that’s why I can recommed FXCC.

  58. Fred Hennig says:

    Yes, I agree that this is a really good broker. I can not trade very often, but clearly see how the fast executions impact the overall results. Do you think the broker will equaliy suit scalping and long-term trading

  59. Banawi Yulianti says:

    I recently joined this broker and don’t regret doing that. It gives me good trading conditions. I should say that I like to trade classical assets such as currency pairs and metals. As for metals, I’m particularly intrigued to trade these liquid assets such as gold and silver with this broker because it offers 1:500 leverage for metals. I have never see it with other brokers. Of course, it greatly increases the profitability of these assets. On the other hand, I have to be twice cautious.
    In my intraday trading, I rely on price levels, Fibonacci, CCI and a Moving Average with a 21 period for 1 Hour timeframe.

  60. Lyca Gairanod says:

    When I was planning to choose a broker I came to meet fxcc. Firstly I did some enquiry with live support of fxcc and got to know they provide spread of 0.6 pips for some currencies like EUR/USD and GPD/USD which are my favorites. I open an account with them. It took only a few minute to approve my account details. They provide me bonus immediately too. But the worst think is that now the spread is more than 2.6.
    This way they are scamming many traders!! Stay aware with them

  61. I tried fxcc , the cost is high

  62. . Actually their support is pretty good. but it was a bit more expensive to trade with them than some other ECN brokers, I’m a swing trader so it doesn’t matter. If you are a scalper choose something else