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GUTS is a Dutch project based out of Amsterdam with the main goal of providing fair ticketing to fans all over the world, GUTS works both B2B and B2C with the GET protocol currently in development and a working ticketing application already being used throughout the Netherlands. GUTS helps artists connect with their fans & venues take control of their ticketing systems, all while providing a smooth and efficient service. View more information here at the GUTS website. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does GUTS have an underlying cryptocurrency?

Yes all smart tickets created using the GET protocol, both for the GUTS application and for future protocol use by artists will be powered using GET the underlying cryptocurrency. This is explained further in this article

Where can I buy GET?

GET is available to buy from:

  It can also be tracked and managed on:

Why does the GET Protocol and Guts Application need a blockchain or it's own currency?

A lot of coins/tokens have a currency ‘looped in' without any real reason to tokenize it (besides of course the €€€ aspect of the endeavor, as you point out yourself). The front-end software (for example dynamic QR code for the ticket) does not need a blockchain to deliver on its value-adding properties.

The value of the Blockchain really comes from the inherent transparency it offers ticket holders, both in registering ownership changes but also from accounting for value flows during the primary and secondary ticket trade. The crypto currency backbone will allow immediate value transfers between attendees/users and other event actors (dynamic pricing, loyalty discounts etc.) The properties of the GET token allow for a transparent and stable value equivalence with FIAT, as this is locked in every event-cycle.

When will GET be on other exchanges?

The GUTS team cannot comment on any upcoming exchanges as they are under a Non Disclosure Agreement

What is the current circulating supply and maximum circulating supply?

The current circulating supply of GET is 10.384 Million with a maximum circulating supply of 13.523 Million once the team's vested tokens are taken into account (which are vested for 1-2 years) All the numbers can be found in this spreadsheet

How do I add GET to My Ether Wallet?

Follow this tutorial to add GET to MEW

Does GUTS currently have a working product?

GUTS is currently a fully functioning ticketing service and the GUTS ticketing application is currently used throughout the Netherlands, with an estimated 1 million sold tickets on the system by end of 2019. The GET protocol being developed will offer a further alternative to the current way tickets are sold, allowing artists to sell directly to their fans.

What is the GET protocol?

We explain the GET protocol in depth in this article

How does GUTS aim to remove ticket touting?

GUTS uses a series of mechanisms to prevent re-selling of the tickets used in the GUTS application, firstly all tickets are tied to a mobile SIM, the tickets QR code is hidden from the user till a specific time before the event begins and once revealed this QR code dynamically shuffles and only the code at the time of scanning is valid which makes screenshots redundant. All of this combined with other in depth features makes GUTS a great solution to the inherently flawed ticket market of today. Further information on the tech is available here.

Does GUTS comply with Dutch & EU Laws?

Guts makes sure to comply with all laws revolving around this industry and has taken complex steps to ensure the legality of the project. More information can be found here.

Does GUTS have partnerships?

GUTS has several partnerships currently who all use or will be using GUTS as a way to sell their tickets. Modestus will be using GUTS for some of their events in 2018. [Hekwerk] ( is also using GUTS as their preferred ticketing supplier and Hekwerk sells 310,000 tickets per year on average. Dutch comedian [Jochem Myjer] ( uses GUTS for his comedy shows and is an advid fan of the GUTS ticketing system. Get In The Ring as well as StartupDelta Summit are also partnered with GUTS to provide ticketing for their events.

Who are GUTS current advisors?

Watse De Jong, the manager of Martin Garrix is a current advisor and is passionate about what GUTS is trying to achieve. GUTS also has Nyle Budimlic as an advisor and plays a crucial role in the GET protocol design as well as ICO structuring. More info on these advisors can be found here.

What is the difference between GUTS, Aventus & Blocktix?

This article goes into depth on the difference between these three projects

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