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17 Replies to “NewForex”

  1. My broker is a Newforex. I trade with this company for one year. At the beginning I used a no deposit bonus 50 dollars that offers company. Now I trade on my own money. I use a 30% bonus on every deposit, always get extra money for trading. Last month I earned 2300 dollars. Withdraw money one week ago, everythig took place without problems. Newforex is a reliable company with a good service.

  2. I can definitely say that NewForex is the best broker as I experience. I started with a bonus account and now I have four trading accounts, one bonus and three normal. They offer low spread and I amazed with the fast execution. These are main things for me and surely for you too.

  3. I trade with a Newforex for a 3 months. I like everything, the company provides very good conditons for trading. Process of trading takes place without problems, orders are always executed at the specified conditions, no problem with it. I trade everyday, this month I earned 850 dollars. To withdraw funds, I use neteller, in two days I get the money on my wallet. The Newforex provides a good level of service.

  4. enjoo bin says:

    Good for intraday trading and news trading. I like the deposit and withdrawal options, very convenient and fast. Spreadds are one of the best among others. Careful with the exchange rates from EUR to USD when make a deposit via Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). Overall, I’d recommend this broker.

  5. My broker is a Newforex. I trade with this company for 1 year. I like it. It’s important that the process of trade always takes place without any problems, there is no delay with an execution of orders. The company has no restrictions with the withdrawal of funds. I trade fair, without scalping etc., and I don’t have the problems with the withdrawal of funds. Always in 1-3 days I get money on my wallet. Newforex is a good company that provides high-quality services.

  6. perjaka sunat says:

    Have been joining in so many brokers since 2006, it makes me more deeply know about each broker performances. I’ve found this broker just for trying and play small fund. but its performance of order execution really fast and no delay make my EA work excellently. Then I’m improving amount of my balance in this broker because its financial process also well done

  7. I trade here around 1 year and very satisfied with their customer service. I have problem with my MT4 Platform but the staff there help me until I resolve this problem and be able to trade again.

  8. shabeenasunil says:

    mytrading a/c.7115056.
    I deposited the money to new forex(through pay co.)But they didnot give to my trading a/c.I’m several times email to finance and support department, only support department response my email but the answer almost always same as.Soon’ and be patient … We are working on this problem at the moment. We will try to fix it as soon as possible’Our technical department is working on this. I thought that they are scam..

  9. I trade here for already 2 years. NewForex is good broker and gives chance to earn. Good conditions if you trade with brain. Every day necessary technical analysis. For example, the pair GBPJPY. I trade with it. The pair is very volatile due to Brexit. NewForex analysts write technichnical analysis and give fresh news. Last week I opened with this pair and my profit within this trade is 2.87%. This money I use for trading. About withdrawals. They don’t linger with them.My last withdrawal was 500$ on Wednesday. I made a request the day before yesterday and early in the morning money was in my wallet.

  10. NewForex has good account system. Two types of accounts, MT4 First Stream and MT4 New Grade. You can choose what suits you better, I’ve got both. The difference is that MT4 First Stream is cent account, MT4 New Grade is dollar. Cent is good for testing strategies and then trade normally on grade. Thast’s why I have both accounts. On accounts I have dollars and euros. To start you don’t need lots of money, for the cent account 1$ or 1 euro. On the dollar account 10$ or 10 euros. I trade with varying success but they have attractive trading conditions and you can pare your losses quickly. Usually I gain 500-600 bucks a month.

  11. I trade with newforex several years. I have one of the accounts in this company. What to say about conditions…quotes – good, no gaps, low spread. Very profitable if you trade with euro/dollar. Deposit/withdrawal is normal, get my money usually in 1 hour. Permanent connection with server. A range of trading instruments is important for me, here it’s big. I’m content with trading conditions. As I’ve said I have accounts in several companies. But the bigest profit is here, in newforex. I get up to 6000 bucks a month.

  12. Half a year ago my fellow promted me to try trading with this company which gives good bonuses. He was talking about NewForex. I get bonus on the account and have more money on the deposit for trades and more opportunities for geting profit. And this offer bonus 30% if you deposit an account at newforex, it helped me to boost my deposit. During the promotion I deposited 1000 bucks and got + 300 on account. And it’s cool. I worked it out slowly and withdraw my money.

  13. Waylet S. says:

    I trade with Newforex since 2014. I started with small sums. Now I trade with bigger money. A month ago I withdrew 10 000 USD, everything went smoothly. NewForex regularly gives bonuses and it helps to have some extra income. Nobody disturbs you with calls and advice if you need, you can contact them yourself. Among advantages – you get 30% bonus for every deposit. So if I deposit $500, I have $650 on my account.

  14. Vassian R. says:

    Hi! I trade with newforex more than 2 years and can’t say anything negative about them. A steady broker. As for withdrawals they are faster than others. Usually I get everything during the day. Personally I prefer to withdraw in the morning till 9 am, then in the evening I definitely get my money. During 2 years I didn’t have any difficulties with it.

  15. NewForex is different from other brokers. They have their own approach. I’m completely satisfied with it. They ban some strategies aimed at aggressive trading as it carries risks both for a trader and a broker. I think it’s right. At the trading as it carries risks both for a trader and a broker. I think it’s right. At the same time NewForex offers some advantages like a wide leverage, low deposit, fixed spreads. The company is always improving and widening yits trading instruments. I trade on standard dollar account. My experience in Forex trading is 5 years, last 2 work only with NewForex. There are some debatable cases and I have to contact their support. But I want to say that no broker in the world can eliminate all problems 100%.
    Trading conditions of NewForex totally satisfy me, order execution is good. ewForex has competitive spreads. Different accounts, every trader will find what suits
    him more. NewForex attracts many traders to their cent accounts. I chatted with some guys on their forum, they told me different stories.
    People of different income. MT4 as many brokers offer. Deposits and withdrawals are fast. I like them.

  16. Account 7100188. Traded more than two months. To apply for withdrawal. NEWFOREX cancel all profit, in violation of its regulations. The forums provided and Steytment and transaction logs, and even recorded on video. Prove anything impossible. On the white is called black, talk like a wall. Since nobody regulated. License for brokerage activity is absent. Bank details and the real names too. Be careful!

    1. It is stipulated in our regulations that we can suspend the service of the violator’s account for systematic violations of regulations and 23 violations is systematic. So we have done it. Your funds were returned in full extent.
      Having agreed to trade with us, you fully accepted all our terms. And now you are not satisfied that we follow them. Moreover, regarding your situation you received all possible explanations and there is nothing left to add to what was said before.
      We acted decently and the company returned all your funds to the fullest extent in spite of your violation of our regulations and your obligations.
      On our website there is a licence which confirms the right to render services in Forex market. NewForex provides
      trading services in Forex. The type of licence conforms fully with the activity of NewForex company.

      Best regards,
      NewForex Spokesperson