Power Ledger Pty Ltd (Power Ledger) was officially formed in May 2016 to address three of the major challenges
facing the energy system globally:
1. Finding a way to include individuals in high-density housing in the booming distributed energy economy;
2. Re-inventing electricity networks to provide an incentive for the connection of DER; 
3. Mitigating the risk of stranding multiple billions of dollars in valuable network assets.

Powerledger’s achievement

  • Power Ledger developed and trialled Australia’s first P2P energy trading network in Busselton, Western Australia in August 2016. At the time, that was the biggest and most advanced trial in the world. This was quickly followed up with the world’s first P2P blockchain-enabled energy trading platform across a regulated distribution network in Auckland, New Zealand working with New Zealand’s largest energy network business, Vector Ltd.
  • Power Ledger has successfully separated the crypto-nature of the blockchain from a fiat-currency based financial exchange, satisfying regulated banking institutions to the point where we are now supporting P2P energy exchange between individuals connected via regulated networks using local fiat currencies.
  • Power Ledger has developed and deployed a commercial energy management system that facilitates the transparent allocation of on-site generated renewable energy to tenants in multi-unit apartments, providing, for the first time, a real financial incentive for deployment to jointly-owned multi-tenanted dwellings.
  • Power Ledger is working with property developers, one of which is Sustainable Settlements at the Witchcliffe Ecovillage, to support the creation of sustainable urban settlements. By using our unique energy-trading platform to support the high-penetration of DER in communities, we are able to exploit the natural diversity of demand and minimise the use of DER resources, while still achieving 100% renewable energy use.
  • Power Ledger has developed a series of world-leading Platform Applications, such as its P2P energy trading application (interface shown in Figure 3.1.1), meaning businesses, such as Utilities, can now host trading on the Platform.

Powerledger Homepage: https://powerledger.io/

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