FoundedUnited Kingdom (2011)
FounderDaniel Rajkumar
HeadquartersLeeds, England, UK
ProductsPeer-to-peer lending
  • is a peer-to-peer lending platform.
  • It facilitate the online arranging of finance between lenders and small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • The website operates as a lending platform by allowing approved businesses to publish a loan application.
  • Investors can subscribe to parts of the loan after assessing the business's information, committing an amount of their choice, with an interest rate of their choice.
  • Because investors choose which businesses and at what rate they lend, returns can vary considerably.
  • Regulation
    • The Financial Conduct Authority undertook to regulate the peer-to-peer lending industry from April 2014.
    • As of 22 February 2017, Rebuilding Society transitioned from interim permission to full FCA authorisation, with the following permissions:
      • Operating an electronic system in relation to lending
      • Client money
    • Since early 2021 Rebuilding Society has been subject of FCA investigations and some of its activities have been suspended.
  • also offers a licensed version of its technology to other businesses looking to break into the peer-to-peer lending industry through White Label Crowdfunding.
  • The firm is a member of:
    • European Crowdfunding Network
    • UKCFA
    • Federation of Small Businesses

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