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Broker RoboForex
Company ROBOFOREX LP, reg.#2538375
Year since 2010
Headquarters Auckland, New Zealand
Regulation FSPR, FSCL New Zealand (#4148); FCA UK ; .CySEC
Model ECN & STP+DMA & MM
US Clients no
Min Deposit($) 1
ECN Account Min Deposit($) 1
ECN Commission($)/rtl(Round Turn Lot) 6
Offer Fixed Spread yes
Offer Variable Spread yes
EURUSD Lowest spreads (pips) 2 (0 -ECN)
Account Currency USD, EUR
Max Leverage 500(300 – ECN)
Minimal Lot 0.01
Deposit Method Credit Card, Debit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, -Neteller, -CashU, -RBKMoney, UnionPay(China), QIWI
Withdrawal method Credit Card, Debit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, -Neteller, CashU, -RBKMoney, UnionPay(China), QIWI
Scalping yes
Hedging yes
All EAs Allowed yes
Currency Pairs 48
Gold yes
Gold Spread(100oz) >50
Silver yes
Silver Spread(5000oz) 2.5-5
CFDs yes
Other Instruments Stocks Futures, Commodities, Energies
Managed Accounts no
Swap-free accounts yes
Segregated Accounts no
Interest on Margin yes
Bonuses & Rewards yes
Trading contests yes
Trading platform MT5, MT4 (ECN), MT4, cTrader, CurrenexVikingTrader
Platform Execution Instant & Market execution
Platform Time Zone CET (GMT+1)
Trailing stops yes
OCO orders yes
One-click execution yes
Trade with mobilephone yes
Trade in browser yes
API yes

Company Roboforex LP, reg.#2538375


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4 thoughts on “RoboForex

  1. John says:

    Good trading conditions for cryptocurrencies. I’ve been using an R Trader account for a couple of months now. Low spreads, fast execution, userfriendly trading platform and polite customer support.

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    I can simply say that, Robo Forex is just Awesome, This is the best broker ever… Everything is fast… Trade Execution is less than 1 Second… They never have such RE-QUOTES , OFF- QUOTES , INVALID PRICES or DISCONNECTION of MT4. Everything goes smooth & fast… Most importantly is Withdrawal, I just had my last withdrawal today Via Webmoney, & You Know What ? When I clicked to confirm my withdrawal request, The Money was in my Webmoney account. It was that simple & easy… Actually it shows the Runtime 1M (1 Minute) to Execute the Withdrawal Request, But I Swear to GOD it was less than 2 seconds, It was just a simple click to confirm my Withdrawal Request & it was Executed… Not only today, but any time I wanted to withdrawal, it is so fast and easy… I’ve never seen anything like this in other brokers… I am so impressed with Robo Forex… I wish I could upload a screenshot of my withdrawals here, but unfortunately there is no link to upload an image on this site… Robo Forex Never Cheat & Play Some Dirty Games With Traders Like The Other Brokers Do… Robo Forex is an Honest & a Great Broker… I am not Promoting this broker & I am not one of Robo Forex Staff and also I am not an affiliate or sponsor of Robo Forex, I am just a trader and I trade with Robo Forex for about 6-7 months now, and I am just telling you about my own personal experience with Robo Forex. In fact I do not believe all these bad reviews here about Robo Forex… Guys let’s be honest… If you’re trading with this broker then I am Trading with this broker too, So! Why I don’t have such these problems that you people mention here? I don’t know what you are expecting from a broker except being honest and not playing game with you and your money… which this broker have all these good qualities for you to trade… Some people here saying that they have lost money because of Robo Forex… & I would like to say, that is absolutely Bull***t… It is not because of Robo Forex… It’s because of you… When you don’t know this market & you don’t know how to trade this market then you cannot blame the broker for losing your money… You choose to play this game, No body forces you to do it… Did the broker call to you and force you to invest money & promise you to get rich overnight ?? NO… You did it and you lost your money because of your own fault and you have to take your own responsibility… (If you cannot catch a fish, do not blame the sea.) I also opened my account with this broker & I invested 6000 USD & I have lost more than half of it, But I cannot blame the broker, because it was all my fault, I did wrong and I’ve lost, so I have to blame myself for my fault, Not the broker… This is the Forex Market… It is not vegetable market… This is the most serious business in the world… I believe some of you used to sell potato at vegetable market in your village and some of you are taxi drivers… But you Cannot compare the jobs that you do with this worldwide business… As I said this is the Forex Market… It goes up and goes down… It does not care if you are rich or you are poor… Forex Market will reward you if you do the right thing and will punish you if you do the wrong thing… and of course you can get rich by trading on Forex if you know what to do and also you can even lose your shirt if you don’t know what to do… So, if you don’t have a heart to play this game and do this business, then I would kindly recommend you to go and do your real job as I mentioned above, and don’t waste your time by confusing other people.
    For me, I personally love this broker and I would recommend it to everyone…

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  3. corrado says:

    Roboforex is good, they have stable platform and good customer service

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  4. Leo says:

    I use their Pro-Ecn account They are good, fast deposit and withdrawal with workable customer service.

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