Traders Way

BrokerTraders Way
CompanyTW Corp.
Year since2011
HeadquartersThe Commonwealth of Dominica
US Clientsyes
Min Deposit($)1
ECN Account Min Deposit($)50
ECN Commission($)/rtl(Round Turn Lot)
Offer Fixed Spreadyes
Offer Variable Spreadyes
EURUSD Lowest spreads (pips)3 -Mini account; 2 -Standard account; 0 -ECN
Account CurrencyUSD, EUR
Max Leverage1000
Minimal Lot0.01
Deposit MethodBank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, -CashU, Payza, -PrepaidMasterCard
Withdrawal methodBank Wire, Credit Card, Debit Card, -WebMoney, -Skrill, CashU, -PrepaidMasterCard
All EAs Allowedyes
Currency Pairs36
Gold Spread(100oz)
Silver Spread(5000oz)
Other InstrumentsFutures, Indices, Commodities, Energies, Metals
Managed Accountsyes
Swap-free accountsyes
Segregated Accountsyes
Interest on Marginno
Bonuses & Rewardsyes
Trading contestsyes
Trading platformMT4 (ECN), MT4, cTrader, FXSTAT, Tradeo, cAlgo
Platform Execution
Platform Time ZoneGMT+2
Trailing stopsyes
OCO ordersno
One-click executionyes
Trade with mobilephoneyes
Trade in browseryes

Company: TW Corp.

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20 Replies to “Traders Way”

  1. Trading on the JPY crosses, managed to close the order and bag quite a few pips. Honestly, this would not have been possible if I had been trading on any other platform which allows for each order to be placed after a lag..that ain’t the deal here. All orders are placed instantly and the market depth, is just too friggin’ good. Recommended

  2. Janise wooten says:

    Trading on the go is a must for anyone who commutes a lot and that’s me and this platform sure makes it easy for me to trade on the go – from access to all the main features, including streamlined news, being able to execute orders and check out the latest graphs,, it sure does that and much more. And the fact that the quotes are damn accurate is just another reason why I am sticking around..recommended.

  3. Elizabeth Simpson says:

    Just closed another Yen cross and snagged more pips; got to admit, trading has never been this good or fast, since I started using this platform. The interface’s great, the rates damn too good and yeah, with the advanced charting tools, instant execution and options to use automated scripts, this platform makes it easy to trade, on the go – recommended.

  4. Richard E. says:

    Just checked out the platform, and all the bells, whistles and got to say that I’m impressed. If that ain’t all, the spreads on all pairs nears is about the lowest I’d seen so far..along with instant execution, advanced charting tools, trading apps, and the rest.. Recommended

  5. Aidae Flaugher says:

    Trying the platform and I am was one thing to access extremely precise quotes but the spreads I got for my cable cross and the EURUSD, was nothing but plain friggin unbelievable. The platform sure is more functional than anything else I have used in the last, recommended highly.

  6. Hamish bolonas says:

    I in trade so me and my wife in here want to learn it so I join. This place is giving me many lesson in trading and people here in here are helping me much. I am telling many question and they answer me each time and helping me. Also there is copytrading which I am using in making some money too. Good in trading for all trader.

  7. Zero pip spread, better liquidity says:

    I have just started using this platform and given the low spreads here along with better liquidity and damn accurate prices, I am sticking around for the long haul. Very impressed and yeah, two thumbs up

  8. Pedro Ross says:

    Whoa! The spreads are damn small, just what every trader needs. Platform’s good, and the apps, love the lot. What’s more, all my orders get executed right away and with quickdeal, can keep track of everything. Definitely recommended

  9. Mansoor L says:

    I am join here to trading in currency market platform is good. Also spread is very smallish also withdrawal is fast. Good platform

  10. Muthu kumar says:

    I in trading for cable also JPY. I also do metal main in gold. I like how platform in this site is good option for trading. It has tiny tiny spread also many option in using automated trade too. I recommend this platform thank you.

  11. James smith says:

    The platform provides just about what every trader, from a newbie to a professional trader would ever require. Checking into the platform, got impressed with the single click function, which is what every trader needs to place trades instantly. And the rates, especially on EUR/USD are just too damn good, with spreads going real low, would recommend,

  12. Saliman W says:

    I in new in trade also learn basic in currency speculation here only. I learning lot thanks to in new friends the customer people. They a trade so it is goodnswer all my question also social trade feature is good. I make some money by doing copy trade. I like platform also good rate in all pair.

  13. Willies Blakeney says:

    Overall, like what I see here, from the extremely low spreads on all pairs to some of the most spot on quotes. The only issue I had was with the registration protocol but other than that,, the rest is just perfect for all traders, both experienced and new alike. Sure, will, definitely recommend them.

  14. I in platform in trading in three week now. I like how I get in update also be able in placing order in my mobile. In profit, I make good since rate is very correct and I can withdraw profit very, very fast.

  15. Twila Chen says:

    I only in trading on currency here last one week. I find it easy in entering trade. Also I like how I have many option in withdraw my profits also mobile feed is good. Nice website, yes.

  16. Anthony Ruben says:

    Love the platform, there’s no getting around that. As a trader, I have checked out diff trading platforms but so far, on functionality and ease of use, this platform stands above the rest. For example, I can use plug and play to test automated scripts and with advanced charting and spot on prices, scalping pairs is easy. Recommend

  17. Lee simpson says:

    Finally, a real ecn broker with the right spreads – was getting a bit tired of the run around at other platforms until I got here and pleasantly surprised to see that it is the real deal. The site has a neat layout, advanced functionality but the one that sold it for me are the real ecn features along with being able to open orders with a single click..def recommend.

  18. R aggarwal says:

    I trade in here for 4 month now. I day trade and platform give me accuracy price quote so it is good. I mainly concentrate on EUR USD also USD JPY and with accuracy price it is good for me last few trade so I make profit. Also they offer good bonus too.

  19. R simmons says:

    The platform’s okay, like the fact I can open positions right away and no irritating lag time and heck, as a scalper, that’s right at the top of my list. The spreads on most pairs are on line with a real ECN account, 0.1 pip and love the mobile access. Definitely recommend, for serious traders

  20. I trade in here for 3 month. I scalp also intra day tradeing, I make money already. I like how I get tight spread with major pair also how I can order immediately in one go. Last they also give me mobile access so I trade anytime. It is great.